4 Ways to Target Your Affiliate Link Audience Better on YouTube

If you’re into affiliate marketing, you will have undoubtedly realized that one of the best ways to make money online these days is through video advertisement.

Through affiliate marketing, you can earn money on YouTube by providing links to products on your videos that you upload to the site.

You get a sales commission if someone orders on your affiliate’s website through your unique link or code.

If you’re interested in taking your channel to the next level, here’s how you can target the right audience and make money from your YouTube content:

YouTube affiliate audience


1. Set the Primary Goal for the YouTube Promotional Campaign

Select the target of your promotional YouTube campaign. To monitor and measure the progress of the campaign, you should select just one target per campaign.

The campaign’s goal will define the best advertising settings for you, including the types and formats of YouTube ads that you can view and display, content collaborations, partners with Google, and more.

2. Use an Affiliate Link Shortener

Your affiliate links for the products you advertise on YouTube can be very lengthy, which can turn people off if they think a link seems spammy or is simply difficult to type in or follow.

This is why you should shrink down your affiliate links and make it simpler and faster for users to use them.

Geniuslink has a YouTube link shortener that you can use to make your links shorter and eye-catching for the audience.

3. Promote Your Affiliate Links in Different Ways

There are a wide range of products to promote, and you can also partner or make connections with brands.

It is very important to note, however, that if you do not use your specific referral links to market an item but simply promote the goods directly using the product link, you will not get the percentage of your link’s profits.

So, make sure that before endorsing any good, you create affiliate links for it.

If you want to advertise an affiliate link, there are a few different ways you can incorporate it into a video:

  • Video Descriptions

You should never disregard the power of the video descriptions section.

You should use this section to boost your SEO, include key information about your video and the product you are advertising, and list the affiliate website for that video.

YouTubers also use this space to include content they support through YouTube Affiliate Connections.

  • Cards

To direct viewers to external platforms or other videos on your channels, YouTube has incorporated end cards—these are the interactive links embedded into overlays on the video itself.

However, with affiliate programs, it’s not as convenient to use vouchers in your end cards.

Due to the nature of spam on the internet, YouTube has set a high bar for partner content.

YouTube will provide only reputable external sources or addresses that represent the expectations of the community.

If one of your associates has not met the minimum standards of YouTube, your video with the associated link will be removed and your channel penalized.

  • Comments Section

Comments are a great way for the followers to connect with you and each other, which fosters a nascent fan base.

You can also use them for advertising the links of your affiliates.

Comments can be inserted, deleted, or changed by you as you are the owner and manager of that video, so you can place comments with your affiliate link or more information regarding the product at the top of your comment section so that viewers can easily access them.

4. Make Your Content and Channel Appealing to Brands

Predictability and consistency are what marketers are aiming for.

Advertisers can look back through the past two months of videos to see if you are consistently delivering leads to their website.


Even though affiliate marketing is an intensely competitive field, there is no need to get overwhelmed.

Realistically uphold your goals, be consistent, and provide credible, quality reporting on your products.

By keeping your tone consistent and honest, you will win the admiration of the spectators.

You can collect commissions and scale up your affiliate marketing efforts by presenting valuable information and access to well-tested brands.

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