How to Create a YouTube Video?

If you are new to YouTube and do not have an idea of how to create a video for YouTube, Filmora video editor can be an excellent option for you. Why do we recommend opting for this versatile piece of software? Well, we do have our own reasons – it is an essentially perfect and versatile application for every standard.

Well, if you have a camcorder or a smartphone, you should be aware of how to shoot your favourite videos. But before you begin, ensure that you are asking yourself a few questions – what niche are you going with and what type of YouTubers would you like to be?

Yes, if you want to succeed as a YouTuber, you need to be proficient enough in what you are posting about. Choosing a niche that exactly meets your requirements and expertise level is an important aspect you need to take care of.

Once you have decided about the niche, make sure what kind of YouTuber you would wish to be – a professional YouTuber or an individual amateur. Choosing your niche is something only you can do because you are the one who knows what interests you.

Create Your Videos

Prepare the footage with either a camcorder or a smartphone as per your preferences. You can even use a webcam if you are creating a few unique tutorials or do it yourself options.

This part may not have anything that we would be able to explain. Take care, however, to keep your videos at a professional level in terms of focussing and resolution.

Edit Your Videos

This is the next step after you have created the video. In fact, the video clips that you have created with the camcorders or other devices may not yet be ready for public consumption. You may need to edit the videos to improve and customize it. Here is how to edit videos for YouTube –

  • Choose the Full feature mode on your Filmora video editor.

create new movie

  • Move the video that you have recorded to the Filmora, video editor. To do this, you need to click on the Import Media File here. We assume that you have already transferred your videos to your computer.


  • Drag and drop the videos to your editing timeline. Now, you can begin editing your videos for YouTube.
  • You can perform any of the editing options as per your preferences. Trim and remove the unneeded parts from the video. If you want to include a specialized audio track, you can do that as well. In fact, if you are creating some sort of a tutorial or explainer video, adding your own background audio file may be a good option. You may even need to stabilize the video. All these operations are easy to flow and work with on your Filmora video editor.
  • Once everything is done, you can upload your video directly to YouTube from within the Filmora Video editor.
  • Choose the Export option and choose YouTube from the options available
  • Enter your YouTube credentials and click on

That was how you would go with the best options for creating your YouTube videos and export it to your YouTube channel. In fact, in sharp contrast to the commonly used tools, Filmora Video Editors help you out with most of the best editing options. Use it once, and you will never look back.

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