Monetize Your Website Through Sponsored Posts

Writing sponsored posts on your website is a great way to monetize it. Depending on your sponsor, you can often make more money through a sponsored post than with advertising. You also get to set the price for each post.

Have Realistic Exceptions

There is no get rich quick method to make money off your site. Instead, be prepared to put in the hard work to meet your goals while still working your day job. Think of monetizing your website as starting your own business. Don’t quit your full-time job until you’re bringing in enough income to cover your living expenses. Consider living frugally while you’re working on growing your site. That will give you a safety net if you decide to do your website full-time. A big way to save money is by refinancing your student loans. By doing this, you can secure a lower monthly payment. If you or your co-signer have good enough credit, you can potentially save tens of thousands of dollars over the life of the loan. You can also make a budget to see where your money is going each month.

Have a Great Website

The first thing to do before reaching out to potential sponsors is to prepare your site. Your blog is more than just a set of posts. It’s your personal brand, so it should reflect who you are. This means your website should load fast and be mobile friendly. You’ll also want to focus on creating high-quality content. Consider setting up a page on your website that says you take sponsorships. This is a page set up specifically for potential advertisers. Share a little about yourself on this page and mention why you started the site. Add information about:

  • Targeted audience
  • Niche
  • Google Analytics statistics
  • Number of email subscribers
  • Social media followers
  • Prices

Remember that the most important thing to add is contact information so advertisers can easily reach out to you.

Pitch to Brands

Once your website is well-known, you may have advertisers coming to you. But for now, you’ll need to put in the work of finding sponsors. Do some research to find brands that you think your audience would like. You can start with brands that have worked with similar sites in your niche. After you have a list of these sponsors, find their contact information. Email each brand to let them know who you are and why you would be a good fit for them. Keep it short but highlight your blog’s reach and how it can give their company exposure. You might not get a sponsorship from the first company you contact. Don’t give up – confidence is key.

Grow Your Traffic

You should always be working on growing the number of monthly visitors to your website. It directly impacts your income, especially if you have affiliate links or ads. But the bigger your blog is, the more that brands will start to notice you. Then you won’t have to spend as much time reaching out to companies. Getting to know your readers will help you start to boost your monthly website traffic. Once you know what they want, you can give it to them. Using social media, optimizing your articles for Google, and guest posting are all ways of growing the number of readers.


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