5 Types Of Content That Will Drive You More Traffic

Contrary to popular misconceptions Content marketing goes way beyond the realm of just blogging. It involves a full fledged study of digital marketing to create the perfect viral content. Are you running a content writing company, but are unable to get the desired number of traffic to your website? Don’t worry as this one the most common problem faced by people in this sector. The type and category of your content can directly affect the clicks and traffic on your website.


So Let’s Explore 5 Types Of Content That Can Drive More Traffic To Your Website.  

#1 eBooks

EBooks are a great way of attracting users to your website, which can also help you spread awareness about your brand, establishing it as a prominent leader in a particular field.

Typically, such websites demands basic user information like email address and name in exchange of the eBook, which information is later used by them to send emails to the clients, with a link directed to their website. Several content writing services use it to spread detailed content, which is infinite, unlike the limited word count on the website.

#2 How-To Posts

These posts are really popular, as the user steps out of them getting a feeling that he learned something. They basically have a tutorial vibe. People are always looking for a better way of doing things, which has only contributed in increasing their popularity.

You can find these ‘How to Posts’ for almost everything from ‘How to Boil water?’ to ‘How to create a blog?’ on the internet. They also have longevity, because of the relevance of the subjects they are based on, which mostly comprises of daily use topics.

Most How-to Post have a separate heading to the introduction, solution and summary of the problem. Content writing agency dealing with such content prefers writing them in step formation with pictures in a concise manner.

#3 Infographics

As the name suggests, info graphic is a combination of info, information and graphics. It’s the most shared content on the internet. The images and graphic on the content pulls the audiences and maintain their attention on the subject, while keeping them interested.

They are an easy way to share data, research and statistics. Search Marketing copywriters have reported info graphics to be the most like and shared professional content on the internet.

#4 White Papers

White paper is a great way to target audience, sharing free information about your product. This is a great way to promote your brand without any external help. This is a great way of educating your audiences about your brand. This concept is similar to eBook, which are promoted using landing pages to target specific audience.

#5 Podcasting

When we say Podcast, you probably think of Google, Stitcher or iTunes. Several content writing services use podcasting to attract audience to their websites.

Most business and professional niche podcast want their audience to have a deeper knowledge about the subjects mentioned in the podcast, who refer links for their listeners for reference and you can use it for your blog promotion. This is a sneaky way to link your website with multiple platforms.


These are a few tactics that can attract more users to your website, becoming the best content writing company. Try these tricks and you will to attract hundreds audiences to your website. All these tricks are free of cost and will only make you popular.

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