Adfusion review : pop-under advertising network

Adfusion review

Adfusion is a pop-under advertising network headquartered in Romania. Apart from showing pop-ups and pop-unders publishers could also ask Adfusion to run directlink ad campaigns. Usage of these ads surely boost up the earnings. Adfusion works with all publishers worldwide. They even accept adult sites to monetize with this ad network. Adfusion review every site and let you know the approval status within 12 hours.

adfusion review

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Requirements to join Adfusion advertising network
  • There are no specific traffic requirements to join Adfusion.
  • Make sure that your site doesn’t promote spamming, violence or virus.
  • Adfusion will ban publishers who indulge in illegal activities like sending fake traffic via bots or iframe.

Adfusion pays its publishers on daily basis. The only thing is that minimum earnings must reach $10. The payment option for publishers to receive their earnings is PayPal. They may introduce other options in future.

Pros of Adfusion advertising network
  • Easy approval
  • Hassle free 1 minute installation.
  • You’ll get paid for every visitor
  • Accepts worldwide traffic
  • Real time reporting system
  • Referral program
  • Low threshold payout
Cons of Adfusion advertising network
  • Visitors may get annoyed with Pop-ups or pop-unders. As a result there might be a chance to lose genuine readership.
  • Sometimes Adfusion may deliver irrelevant or unwanted pop-ups/pop-unders ads.
  • They don’t accept sites hosted on free hosting platforms like blogger.
Referral program

Publishers can boost up their revenue by referring publishers and advertisers to the Adfusion. Every time when some one refers to the network you’ll get 10% referral commission.

Final conclusion of Adfusion advertising network

Pop-ups is a great source for content monetization. Entertainment or gaming sites having adequate US or European traffic can perform well with Adfusion advertising network. The eCPM rates ranges from $0.5-$3. However the revenue depends on the niche and the quality of the traffic. Hope this Adfusion review help publishers to get started.

Join Adfusion advertising network and start making money

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