How to Enhance the Video in Movavi Video Editor

Movavi Video Editor offers a set of color adjustment tools that can improve the quality of your video. To enhance a video clip, you must first add your video into the timeline panel by clicking on the Add Media Files button. Next, you must select the video clip by clicking on it once in the timeline panel. If you want to enhance multiple video clips, you can select them together by pressing the Ctrl key while using your mouse to click on each of the video clip.

Next, you must press the magic wand button to apply automatic magic enhancement on the video. The magic enhancement feature is suitable for people who don’t know how to manually adjust the color tone of the video. You can choose what aspects of the clip that you want to enhance with by clicking on the cogwheel button to open the clip properties. In the clip properties, you can choose what type of auto enhancement you want including auto saturation, auto contrast, magic enhance and auto white balance.

You can access the color adjustment sliders by clicking on the Manual Adjustments button. Under the manual adjustments tab, you will find several color adjustment sliders including brightness, hue, saturation contrast and white balance. Get more details at .

The brightness slider can make a dark picture that is taken at night become completely lit up as if it is in the day time. When there is not enough lighting, it is hard to observe the details in the picture. Dragging the brightness slider to the right can make the details in the picture appear clear.

The hue slider can make global adjustment to all color hues in the video at one time. It is useful for converting the hues into different colors that will make your photo look more interesting. The converted colors are matching with one other. Shifting the hue slider can create the right mood and atmosphere in the video.

The saturation slider can make the color in the photo look more intense. If you drag the saturation slider to 0, it will remove all the colors and turn the image into grayscale. To give your video a richer look, it is recommended that you use the value 125 for the saturation adjustment.

The contrast slider can change the level of luminance in the video. Shifting the contrast slider to the left will make the video appear darker gradually while shifting the contrast slider to the right will show more and more brightest white color in the video. A video that has a high contrast will look sharper and clearer compared to a video that has a low contrast.

The white balance slider can fix a video that suffers from a bad white balance. Many digital cameras do not offer the option the set the white balance. Even if your digital camera support the white balance feature, you should not really depend on it as it is hard to keep up with the automatic changes in the digital camera.

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