How to deal with Rude Cab Drivers around the world?

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How to deal with Rude Cab Drivers around the world?
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Just because you’re a nice person does not mean that people will also be nice to you all the time. This is something you’ll realize as you deal with your colleagues, the waitresses at a corner restaurant, the people at the check out counter at the supermarket, or the cabbie driver who’s supposed to take you home. As far as we’re concerned, Universal Taxi service does not tolerate any sort of rudeness from our drivers, which is why we need passengers to know exactly what to do to contain or correct this kind of behaviour.


Here are some tips on how you can deal with rude cabbie drivers:

  • Don’t respond with rudeness. Everybody has bad days, and the cab driver just might be having one. If you respond with rudeness, you will only fuel that anger and make matters even worse. Don’t mind their rudeness; you can choose to stay quiet, or respond with kindness. The driver will realize later on that his attitude was completely uncalled for.
  • Know your rights. Even before you hail a cab, make sure that you know your rights as a passenger pretty well. Sometimes, cab drivers act rude when they refuse to do their job well, and uses the rudeness to make you back off. If your destination qualifies for a meter rate and not a flat rate for example, make sure you know this. This will allow you to respond accordingly when the driver starts to become demanding about something that you’re not supposed to give in the first place.
  • Check your attitude. Sadly, there are rude passengers as well. Don’t worry, we understand this quite well. As we said, everybody has bad days. When the cabbie driver starts to become rude, check yourself and see if your tone is still reasonable. Of course, the driver should not fight rudeness with rudeness, but it happens. It’s human nature. But at least you know where the hostility is coming from.
  • Report the incident. Even if it’s been a bad day for the cabbie driver, or he was just reacting to circumstances, rudeness should never be tolerated miller. Contact the cab company right away and let them know what happened. This will ensure that the cab company gives the cabbie driver the necessary disciplinary action for his behaviour.

We at Universal Taxi know how important it is to keep all our passengers happy, and knowing how to deal with cabbie drivers properly will allow you to help us keep all our drivers in line.

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