How James Booth Made $5.1 Million Selling Domains In 12 Months : Story

james-boothJames Booth is a proud owner of which has derived from Buy Quality Domain Names. It is a leading domain Appraisal, Brokerage and Acquisition company. He studied Mechanical Engineering and worked in a Windows company as a sales representative. Later he took Entrepreneurship seriously and founded His main priority is client satisfaction. So they would research the requirement and recommend best domain related to it. Most of the domains matches the business names. He sold many 2 letter, 3 letter, 4 letter, 5 letter and premium domain names successfully in 12 months. The result is he earned whopping $5.1 millions in just 12 months as a domain broker.

It was not an overnight success. James Booth was spending 12-14 hours a day in searching 2 letter and 3 letter .com domains. Once he find the right domain he would search for the owner in WhoIS database. He would find the old domains or the sites which are no more updating. He would then call or mail them. The surprising thing is most of the owners turned down his offers. The success rate is 15-20%. He did focus more on 3 digit domains than others in 12 months of his company’s inception. He would invest in desired domains and sell them for profit. Initially he worked with his brother who was in the same business. Later he made smart commissions from supporting his brother. This amount was enough for him to start domain brokerage business.

His main clients were from China, Australia, Singapore, Philippines, UK and US. He sold most of the 3 digit domain names to Chinese. His main focus is on acquiring .com domains. Before buying potential domains he would evaluate them using tools like Estibot. He sold more than 2,800 domains till date. More than 2,300 domains were of 5 letter .com domains and the remaining were 2 letter and 3 letter domains. Apart from letter domains he is also dealing 2 digit and 3 digit domain names. His sales grossed $6 million and it is still growing.

James Booth advises budding domain brokers to invest at least 5,000 USD in buying domain names. He proved that anyone can make millions of dollars online without sticking to a website or blog. Domain brokerage is a great business one can do. The only thing is you need some money and time to invest.

So, this is a brief story of James Booth, owner of Hope you guys found this article inspiring and interesting. Please do share with your friends and family. If you have anything to say something please do comment below.

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