How John Lee Dumas Of EOFire is Making Millions Of Dollars Podcasting

john_lee_dumasJohn Lee Dumas is a proud founder of Entrepreneur On Fire (EOFire), a successful podcast. It is all about interviews of most prominent entrepreneurs. John never take breaks on weekends. To be honest this is not irony. He is committed to podcasts throughout the week. This is why he is one of the top earning Internet entrepreneurs in the world. Prior to entrepreneurship he served in U.S. Army for 8 years. He started Entrepreneur On Fire on Sept 22nd, 2012. The podcasts inspired many people around the world and soon millions of downloads happened. iTunes awarded the show in 2013. That year there were more than 7.4 million downloads. This is really huge, isn’t it. His whole year’s income was around $446,000.

Remember that his success didn’t happen suddenly. In early days he was very consistent and did podcasting seven days a week. But, he didn’t earn a single penny in 9 months after the EoFire’s inception. But, today this guy is making six-figure monthly income. He has learned a lot from Entrepreneurs. The success and failure stories of Entrepreneurs has made him more focused and determined.

The participants have shared podcasts with potential audience. The sharing strategy really worked. More and more people have shown interest in EOFire podcasts. There are nearly 1500 interviews and more than 1.5 million people listen to his podcasts monthly. He has recruited few employees to manage things in his company.

When it comes to monetization part John Lee Dumas is following 5 strategies :

1. Affiliate income : John Lee Dumas makes around $100,000 monthly affiliate earnings from affiliate webinars and products.

2. Fire Nation Elite : It is a mastermind where listeners can take help of elite people who are efficient in their professions. Please do check here.

3. Podcasters Paradise and Webinar On Fire : According to EOFire, WebinarOnFire teaches you how to create and present a webinar that converts. Podcasters Paradise is the #1 Podcasting community in the world, where you’ll learn how to Create ~ Grow ~ Monetize YOUR own podcast with the support and guidance of John Lee Dumas and over 3,000 other passionate Paradisers.

4. Advertising on Show : Many sponsors would hire John Lee Dumas for speaking about their products or service. It is 15 seconds pre-roll and 60 seconds midroll.

5. Speaking and Consultation

** The monetization strategies are derived from John Lee Dumas’s interview in Observer.

The revenue is whopping millions of dollars per month generated from the above sources. No doubt he is the true inspiration to all budding Entrepreneurs. You could see his monthly income stats in his website.

Hope you enjoyed John Lee Dumas’s inspiring story in making millions of dollars monthly with podcast. Please do share with your friends.

Happy earning $$$$$$

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