FlexOffers Review : Performance Marketing Network For Publishers

FlexOffers Review : Performance Marketing Network For Publishers

FlexOffers is a performance marketing network based in US. This network is offering more than 10,000 offers for publishers. The commission types of this network are CPA, CPL and CPS. It is a good alternative to Adcombo and PeerFly affiliate network. Apart from publisher program, you could try as an advertiser. FlexOffers review publisher signup application before approving account. Generally they take 2-5 days for the approval process.

Requirements for publishers to join and use FlexOffers affiliate network

  1. FlexOffers.com marketing materials and/or links cannot be placed on sites that contain the following content (or links to pages with such content): Any pornography, nudity, or any other sexual or adult material. Any content that violates or infringes in any way upon the statutory, common law, or proprietary rights of others, including but not limited to, copyrights, trademark rights, patents, or any other third party intellectual property, contract, privacy, or publicity rights. Any gambling, hate propaganda, or material that encourages or promotes illegal activity or violence. Any material that promotes or utilizes software or services designed to deliver unsolicited e–mail. Any misrepresentations or material that is threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, obscene, profane, indecent, or otherwise objectionable, offensive, or harmful. Any material that violates any local, state, or national law or regulation. Any other material that FlexOffers.com, in its sole discretion, determines to be inappropriate.
  2. Links provided will be placed on pages that use only the English language, where the majority of traffic is generated from online users who reside in the United States, and which are generally seen by users age 18 and older.
  3. Links and/or content from FlexOffers.com must be placed on web pages that can be freely accessed by FlexOffers.com without having to login or supply a password.
  4. Links cannot be placed in misleading formats or used in fraudulent methods, including but not limited to any program or device that would otherwise manipulate traffic or the accuracy of advertiser campaigns.
  5. In the event that advertiser links are desired to be used in a non-web page format that is not viewable through the Internet, such as through newspapers, television ads, or other media, prior approval from FlexOffers.com is required.
  6. Publishers may not place Links to an Advertiser’s Website or Website content in third party newsgroups, message boards, blogs, unsolicited email or other types of spam, link farms, counters, chat rooms, or guest books.
  7. Publishers using IRC channels, instant messages or similar Internet resources must designate their program as special, requiring manual review and acceptance by the Advertiser.
  8. No publisher can place links to or promote an Advertiser’s Website or their own Affiliate Website on Craigslist.
  9. Transactions generated from the same IP address or individual may be considered as fraudulent transactions and will not receive compensation.
  10. Content provided through the FlexOffers.com network cannot be swapped with advertising links found through other networks for the same or similar products or services. Publishers are granted licensing rights to use the content provided through the FlexOffers.com network only in conjunction with the advertising links provided through the network. Failure to comply can result in the immediate termination of the Publisher’s account with FlexOffers.com.
  11. Publishers that participate in search engine marketing may not link directly to the advertiser’s website using affiliate links, unless the advertiser’s individual terms and conditions specifically state that direct linking is allowed.
  12. Unless exempted by special request and documented in writing, publishers are not permitted to utilize popups, popunders, interstitials, or any other advertising unit which opens a new browser window or interrupts or covers normal site content.
  13. Traffic submitted to FlexOffers’ campaign must be provided transparently and the referring URL must be an accurate, complete and unmasked URL from the referring site. Traffic that does not meet this requirement may be considered fraudulent.

Our application criteria is based on legal requirements and the requirements of our advertisers. It varies widely, but includes our desire for valuable and original site content not found elsewhere, good site design, regular content updates, excellent rankings from Alexa and/or Google, and a good match to our existing advertising programs. For those who do not promote via a website, other similar criteria is applied, based on the volume and detail of the answers you provided in your application.

If you were declined, but want to reapply at a later date, when you are ready for a second review, please send your name, email, website and promotional method details to [email protected] to be reconsidered.

Note : The publishers must have websites to join and use this affiliate marketing network.

Terms and Requirements Credit : Flexoffers.com

FlexOffers Payment

The publishers get paid on Net 30 basis. The threshold payout for US publishers is $50. The payment options for US publishers are Check and direct deposit.  The payment options for non-US publishers are PayPal and Wire transfer. For non-US publishers the minimum payout when paid via PayPal is $100 and for Wire transfer it is $1000.

Referral Program

The webmasters can also earn money by referring others to Flexoffers.com. You can get 5%-50% referral commission.

Best Features of FlexOffers

  • Exclusive offers
  • Premium advertisers
  • There are no restrictions to join 10,000+ offers. The publishers can apply to all programs.
  • This affiliate network allows blogs hosted on free blogging platforms like Blogspot, Wix, Tumblr etc.
  • Timely payments : The publishers would get paid on time.
  • Net 7 payment for prominent publishers who earn more than $10,000 per month.
  • The publishers can track their performance and revenue using real-time reporting system.
  • Referral system
  • Dedicated support

Cons Of FlexOffers

  • Few payment options
  • You get signup commission only when your referral reaches minimum $2000.
  • It is difficult to get your account approved in FlexOffers.


Address : Flexoffers.com, 990 Biscayne Blvd., Office 501, Miami, FL 33132

Phone: (305) 999-9940 Ext: 303
Fax: (305) 397-1250
Email: [email protected]

Final Conclusion

FlexOffers network is for higher end publishers. The rates are very competitive. However you could try multiple programs along with referral program. Being a publisher you can ask your dedicated account manager about best optimized offers and rates. The publishers who have tried this performance marketing network can share their experiences below. You can also send payment proof. Hope this FlexOffers review help publishers to get started.

Join this performance marketing network and start making money

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