Know About The Best Polling And Survey Apps

As the use of mobiles is increasing with it the usage of various apps is also increasing. Through the apps lot of data is collected so it is also considered as a survey tool. The app-based surveys make the surveys mobile friendly as well as it also allows people to provide different kind of information which is sometimes difficult to gather in traditional phone surveys. This information is related to location or the fact when the people are using their smartphone. The online polling app launched by right2vote could be considered as the best online polling and survey app for conducting the surveys.

Benefits of the survey app:

  • Immediate responses: Traditional surveys can capture some elements of behavior by asking them various questions related to their past activities but sometimes the questions might not help to provide a complete insight into their other details. This polling app has all the facilities that could ask people what they have done in past hour.
  • Higher response rate: While conducting a poll, it is often found that there is problem-related to the fact that how many people need to be targeted to complete the survey. It is essential that they complete the questionnaire and provide a good response rate. This app helps to select such peoples who would increase the response rate and make the survey successful.
  • Similarity in responses: The polling app has the ability to compare different responses of the same people and then compare it to its genuinely. Generally, in terms of demographic the responses are mostly similar.
  • Apps are preferred medium: Apps could be even programmed to collect the non-survey data like they could be asked what are other apps that they are using. Collecting such kind of additional data could benefit the surveyors in other surveys. It notifies the respondents about the survey and takes the questionnaire whenever they have convenience do so. Hence, it is an advantage for the one who is conducting the survey as well as for survey-taker.


Above discussed as the benefits of using the polling app. Today, there are various apps present in the market which claim to provide maximum respondents and data, but they come with many disadvantages.  It can be sometimes very costly and would seem to be limited in terms of design and devices. The app developed by the right2vote is easy to use as well as doesn’t cost you much. Some survey apps vendor price their services according to each survey which ultimately increases the cost of all the surveys in total and hence it would cost much if there is repeated data collection in any survey. Unlike the polling app, there are apps who have more design constraint than web surveys. This polling app could be installed on either a smartphone and tablet and used for conduction of the survey. This is not only easy to use by the respondents, but it is less costly than any other survey apps available in the market today.

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