Landingi Affiliate Program Review : Earn Recurring Commissions

Landingi is a landing page builder and offers affiliate program similar to ClickFunnels and Instapage. Many non-programmers are using Landingi to build landing pages. With Landingi affiliate program you get recurring commission if you make someone to buy any plan. That means you’ll receive commissions until they renew.

How To Get Started With Landingi Affiliate Program?

After signing up you can straightaway start promoting Landingi using promotional tools. However there are 2 methods of using reference link. You can either redirect customer to registration page or home page. The webmasters can use banners on their websites or blogs. When someone clicks on the banner or link and buys any plan, you get paid.

Landingi Affiliate Commission Structure

The 3 types of commission types that Landingi offer to their affiliates are as follows :

  • 15% commission for you and 15% discount for your customers.
  • 30% discount for your customers
  • 30% commission

Once you join as an affiliate, you can’t change commission type. For new commission type you need to create new account with new E-Mail. If you have something in your mind, you can contact Landingi support anytime.

Landingi Affiliate Payment Info

The affiliates would get paid on the request basis. The minimum payout is $35. The payment option is PayPal.

Best Features Of Landingi Affiliate Program

  • Higher commissions
  • You don’t need to be a Landingi customer to join their affiliate program.
  • 1 year cookies : If the customer comes back and buys a plan within 1 year then you can get commission.
  • Innovative promotional tools
  • Real-time reporting system
  • Low threshold payout
  • Timely payments
  • Dedicated support

Final Conclusion

Landingi affiliate program is great when it comes to commissions and support. The affiliates who had worked or still working with this affiliate program can share their experiences below. Hope this Landingi affiliate program review help people to get started.

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