What are DSPs?

DSP, RTB – Or How To Make Both Parties Meet

Times when you could be desperately searching where and how post your ads have gone away and are unlikely to return. Nowadays both parties can meet in so-called auction, where places for advertising are sold. Bidding is happening while the page is loading, a winner will have his ad posted, the platform gets money.

This event was named Real Time Bidding (RTB) advertising, and the platforms where the bidding happen – Demand Side Platform (DSP) or mobile dsp platforms The latter one aims to buy on queries corresponding to the maximum of advertisers demand on lower costs.

DSP is deeply connected with SSP (Sell Side Platform) – companies that sell ad places.

What is a common process for RTB?

  • When a user comes to a connected to RTB website, all information collected with the help of cookies immediately goes to SSP.
  • System tells the page address, how much is the space for ads. All available information about the visitor is compared to the advertisers’ demands, the biddings are started.
  • DSP bets.
  • A winner is defined according to results of bidding. The winner pays a second winning price and a bidding step.
  • Websites downloads winning ad materials.
  • The users sees the ad.

All the process lasts for a split second.

Advantages of RTB

For an advertiser

All ads are shown to the target audience only. It is important for business to pay for a particular user and place, rather than for some abstract position like in other advertisement approaches.

The ads can be personalized thus the users can be more interested and motivated.

For platforms

Get more income as they show ads for higher prices.

If CPC model is used they will earn again. They are less likely to have negative feedback from users as all ads are relevant to interests of the audience.

Don’t bare financial risk. In case the bidding results will be too low, the user will see usual ads.

For users

People are less negative about the ads, as it was displayed according to their interests. It is the case when ads can be even useful.

Can clean cookie and reset their online “profile”.

Modern DSPs help to make the process of buy/sell ads less pricey and highly effective. It is gained by minimum of human interruption and removing other staff connected with tariffs coordination and some manual work.

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