The Top 3 SEO Tactics to Boost Your Site’s Traffic

The goal of any online business website should be to acquire as many visitors as possible. Whether you’re selling a specific product or access to a subscription service, the same rule applies: the more people that hit your site, the more potential customers you’ll receive.

So, what is the best way to increase your site’s traffic?

Well, there are actually multiple answers to this question. What they all have in common is that they are all considered SEO tactics. Otherwise known as Search Engine Optimization, these tactics boost your ranking on search result pages and lead to a larger web presence for your business.

SEO combined with social media marketing services can bring wonderful results for your business.

SEO might seem daunting and confusing now, but it’s worth investing in. According to Romain Berg, adopting the right SEO practices can completely change the popularity of your site. Whether it’s directing higher traffic or retaining your current audience, SEO will increase leads – what more could you want?

To give you an idea of what it’s like, we’ve gathered just some of the best SEO practices that will make a big difference to your traffic.


1 . Keep Your Site Looking its Best

This might seem obvious at first, but we aren’t just talking about aesthetics. The entire user experience of your site needs to be taken into account. Granted, we’re trying to get people to your site, but we need to make sure they stay there once they’ve arrived. How quickly a user leaves your site affects your ‘bounce rate’, and search engines notice.

A search engine’s purpose is directing users to the best possible site to meet their search criteria. If the users directed to your site are immediately ‘bouncing’ because your design isn’t optimized, search engines are going to rank you lower.

Ensure you’re providing your visitors with the best possible experience on your site.

2 . Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

Almost everyone owns a smartphone these days, which means the way we browse the internet has drastically changed over the past decade. Numerous people now visit sites via their phones as opposed to sat at their desktop. This means their first impression of your site is going to be the mobile version.

Will they be impressed?

Optimizing your site for mobile use is imperative. It isn’t like smartphones are going away any time soon. By ignoring your site’s design across multiple platforms, you’re excluding an enormous section of your audience. Don’t alienate potential customers – make it smartphone efficient!

3 . Check up on Your SEO Progress

Many people who try SEO alone think the work is done once they add a few keywords to their site’s content. However, this is far from the case if you want results.

You need to keep an eye on which tactics are working and which ones aren’t. Employing a thousand different improvements to your site is great until you realize more than half of those aren’t doing anything productive.

Some questions you may want to ask yourself when reviewing your site’s efficacy:

  • Which pages specifically experienced the highest bounce rates?
  • Which page received the most/least hits? Why could this be?
  • Are the keywords in my copy attracting my desired demographic effectively?

The answers to these questions aren’t obvious, which is where research comes into play. You’ll need accurate reports from your campaigns. This data will let you know how your target audience finds you best.

Don’t Wait Any Longer to Try SEO

Battling for attention in the enormous online arena is overwhelming, but knowing your niche and applying the right tactics makes the process so much easier.

SEO tactics completely transform the success of your business if used appropriately. You’ll know your audience, and how to present your brand to generate leads.

Keep delaying SEO, and you’ll just keep putting off the revenue you could make today by following these tips.

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