Flywheel Referral Program Review : Refer Customers And Earn

Flywheel is a exclusive managed WordPress hosting company. The hosting services provided by Flywheel are mainly meant for web developers, web designers, freelancers, agencies and businesses. For example, you are developing WordPress sites for your clients and subscribed to this hosting company. Flywheel will take care of everything like upgrading WordPress, plugins, cache, security and many more. So you do not need to panic about WordPress management. You might wonder whether Flywheel works for individuals. Yes it works well for normal users too. But, the prices are little higher than shared hosting. However, if you do not compromise with management, reliability and speed, then Flywheel will be the best choice. Flywheel referral program lets you to earn money by referring customers.

How To Join Flywheel Referral Program?

Go to Flywheel referral program signup page and register yourself. Once you get the approval, you can start promoting Flywheel using assets and referral link. When someone clicks on the referral link and purchases monthly or annual hosting plan, you will receive commission. The best part is you will find referral program guides in your dashboard itself. You can follow their promotional tips to grab leads.

How To Promote Flywheel?

Once you are a part of Flywheel referral program, you can promote using the following methods :

  • Flywheel lets you create a new demo site. Share with your clients and you will receive commission, once they activate a plan. It makes your work easier as you do not need to share the referral link.
  • Write a attractive blog post about Flywheel and share with your audience. Keep the article permanently in your blog, so that you will receive commissions for lifetime.
  • Put creatives, badges and link on your blog to attract potential audience.
  • Create a YouTube video about Flywheel and do not forget to leave the referral link in the description.
  • Promote Flywheel on your social profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn.
  • Send E-Mails or newsletters about Flywheel to subscribers list.
  • Participate in discussions related to WordPress hosting, explain them why one should take Flywheel hosting and finally share them the referral link.
  • If you are a Podcaster, then you can mention about Flywheel in your podcast.

Tip : One must join Flywheel referral program, use creative logos, badges and banners to promote on social media, blogs and wherever you can.

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Flywheel Referral Program Commission Structure And Payment Info :

The affiliate can receive up to $500 per qualified referral. Flywheel will pay 3 times the monthly bill of the referral as a commission. For example, if the referral is paying $15 monthly, then you will receive $45 as a commission after 90 days. There is no minimum payment restriction to receive commissions. Even if you receive commission for 1 sale, you will get paid. However, the payment frequency is different for monthly and yearly plans. You will get paid on monthly basis if the referral purchases the annual plan. If the customer purchases monthly plan, then you will receive revenue on Net 90 basis. Remember that the commissions will be adjusted according to the deals and discounts. The affiliates will receive their payouts through PayPal.

What Are The Best Features Of Flywheel Referral program?

  • Innovative creatives (Logos, badges, images and social media images)
  • Migrate your clients websites for free and receive commission.
  • Send billing information to your clients and receive commissions once they activate plans.
  • Refer a customer and if he/she buy multiple plans, you will get paid for them too.
  • No minimum payouts
  • Best resources
  • Competitive commissions
  • Timely payments
  • Unlimited earning possibility.
  • Real time tracking system
  • Dedicated support

How To Contact Flywheel Referral Support Team?

If you had anything to ask about Flywheel referral program, then reach their support team at [email protected]

Final Conclusion :

One must join Flywheel referral program to earn decent income. If you had worked as a Flywheel affiliate, then please share your experiences in the comments section. Hope this Flywheel referral program review help affiliates to get started.

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