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  1. Will I be also approved as an affiliate for udimi from an african country like nigeria? I’m asking because most affiliate networks won’t accept my country.

    1. Yes they will approve.

  2. Udimi’s affiliate program is a great way to earn money. I love this part – you will receive commission until the referred customer stays with Udimi.

  3. There is even better program to earn money. They give 25% commissions for all orders. Check: amitsoloads dot com. The recurring commissions I get help me cover many bills.

    1. Yes, Nigerians can also apply. Before applying to the affiliate program, please contact Udimi support team.

  4. How Long does it take me to get my first sale on Udimi Affiliate as a new affiliate marketer.

    1. It depends on your affiliate marketing strategies.

  5. Craig Niche says:

    I have been a successful Udimi affiliate for the past 2 years. It’s probably one of my most successful ventures.

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