Nordstrom Affiliate Program Review 2023: Recommend and Earn

Before jumping into Nordstrom affiliate program topic, one must know what it is about. Launched in 1901, Nordstrom is one of the largest and luxurious chain of departmental stores running in United States and Canada. Their stores have a wide range of varieties of products from clothing to jewellery. Nordstrom is serving customers online across 96 countries. While coming to Nordstrom affiliate program, the affiliates can earn commissions from all sales except gift cards. However, it is not easy to get approval from affiliates. The Norstrom affiliate program is managed by Linkshare a.ka.a Rakuten Marketing.

If you are not an existing user of Linkshare, then create the account first.

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How To Join Nordstrom Affiliate Program?

Go to Nordstrom affiliate program signup page, fill the details and submit the application. The Nordstrom team will manually review your application. The details include niche, site type, traffic volume, geographical locations of audience, targeted audience age and many others. Nordstrom is a bit strict when it comes to account approval. If your website comes under shopping, deals, coupons. loyalty rewards or search niche, then there are higher chances of getting approval. However your site must attract decent traffic.

How Can You Promote Nordstrom?

The affiliates can promote Nordstrom using the following marketing strategies:

  • Being a qualified affiliate, you can take advantage of banners and text links. Use them in the right places on your website to attract potential customers.
  • Select the best brands to promote on your online store or website. If you are a WordPress user, then install WooCommerce plugin for setting up your own store.
  • Choose the exclusive offers and best prices while selecting the brands for promotions.
  • Let the customers know the real benefits of Nordstrom. You must promote these benefits too. It will help you to get leads.
  • The


  • The websites must not host objectionable content like adult, spam and malware.

What Are the Benefits of Nordstrom That You Need to Promote?

These are the benefits that need to be promoted along with every product:

  • Free shipping
  • Free returns
  • Reward points
  • Free stylist services
  • Best customer service

Commission Structure and Payment Info:

Being a Nordstrom affiliate, you will receive 2% commission per sale. The publishers would receive their payments on a monthly basis. You must reach at least $25 to receive commissions. The payment option is Check.

What Are the Best Features of Nordstrom Affiliate Program?

  • Free to join.
  • The publishers can track the sales, referrals and revenue in real time.
  • Nordstrom handles processing, shipments and customer service. The affiliates do not need to worry about services.
  • Timely payments: The affiliates will receive payouts on time.
  • There are no targets for publishers.
  • Being a Nordstrom affiliate, you will receive E-mail newsletters containing top offers, rewards, brands and promotions.
  • Dedicated support


  • The approval is very hard as Nordstrom works with only high-quality websites. The Norstrom affiliate program doesn’t allow low traffic websites.
  • The Nordstrom affiliate program is managed only by LinkShare. If you are not accepted or banned by Linkshare network, then you are not allowed to join this affiliate program.
  • The base commission in Nordstrom affiliate program is low compared to Amazon and eBay.

Contact Info:

If you have any doubt about Nordstrom affiliate program, then reach their support team at [email protected]

Final Conclusion:

One must join Nordstrom affiliate program to earn decent earnings. This affiliate program is ideal for E-commerce stores or websites. If you had an experience as a Nordstrom affiliate, then please share your experiences in the comments section. Hope you found this Nordstrom affiliate program review helpful.

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