Google Opinion Rewards App Review (2022) : Scam Or Legit

I would talk about the Google opinion rewards app in this post. There would be no one on this planet who does not know about the Google. The Google is not a search engine anymore. It has gone a very long way. The Google is a bread and butter for millions. Still the AdSense has the major share in the online advertising. When it comes to the Android apps, AdMob is a big name. The YouTube channel owners are making great money from the AdSense.

Have you ever heard about the Google opinion rewards app? If not, then let me tell you a little bit about it. You might have heard about the surveys. You will earn rewards for participating in the surveys. The Google Opinion rewards surveys app does the same thing like any other surveys. But, there is a difference. The other survey companies pay money. But, Google will pay credits instead. This app is available only for the mobile users.

You might be thinking that why the Google opinion rewards app exist. Their motive is to improve their products and services. In this process, they need the valuable opinions from the people. At the same time, they are giving some rewards for participating. When you are spending your valuable time, it is not a bad thing to get rewarded. Do you agree with me? I think everyone would do it. I remember when Google opinion rewards app was paying the real cash for participating in the surveys. But, suddenly they changed their payment terms without any information.

You will not receive money from the Google opinion rewards app anymore. The rewards will be in the form of the Google play credit. That is you can redeem the rewards and spend them in the Google Play Store.

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How To Download The Google Opinion Rewards App?

The Google opinion rewards app download links are as follows :

Who Can Use The Google Opinion Rewards App?

Anyone who is 18+ years old from the eligible countries can use this app. One must read all the terms before using it. There are some rules that are similar to the Google AdSense. Please remember that the Google can hold or disable your account.

How Does The Google Opinion Rewards App Work?

You do not need to do anything other than waiting for the survey. You will get notified when you receive a survey. The Google will give the  surveys based on the geographical location. It is better to enable the GPS. Google has clearly mentioned it in their terms. One must not expect hundreds of surveys every month. I got the mixed reactions from the active users when asked about their experiences. 90% of the users did not get much surveys. They hardly got 10 surveys in a year. If you are from US or Europe, then there are brighter chances of getting more surveys. The topics can be anything like hotel reviews, opinion polls or feedback of merchant services.

Mostly the surveys are short and relevant. You can expect one survey per week. Sometimes you may receive only one survey in the whole month.

How Much Can You Earn From Google Opinion Rewards App?

This is a bit tricky question. According to Google, the user can receive up to $1 in play credit per survey. However it changes with country to country. You can redeem the credits by clicking the Spend your play credit option.

How Can You Use The Credits?

You can use the credits to buy any app, music, game, movie or a TV show. The credits can also be used for the in-app purchases. However, the credits lasts up to 1 year. You cannot use the credits for purchasing the subscriptions, magazine subscriptions, hardware and accessories.

What Are The Benefits Of The Google Opinion Rewards App?

  • This app is absolutely free.
  • You do not need to doubt it’s genuineness. This app is developed by the Google surveys team.
  • This app has already crossed 10 million+ downloads.
  • Unlike Google AdSense, there are no requirements for joining this rewards program. Anyone above 18 years can give a try.

What Is The Final Conclusion?

There is nothing wrong in installing the Google opinion rewards app in your mobile. You will lose nothing for trying it as it is free. But, you should not expect huge rewards. You cannot question the Google for giving you less surveys. It depends on your geographical location. Sometimes you might have to wait for very longer periods. My sincere advise is forget the app for a while. When you get the survey, complete it or else sit back and relax. When you ask me if Google opinion rewards app is scam or legit, my sincere answer is it is legit. When you successfully complete the survey, you get rewarded.

Google will not hold your rewards unless there is a strong reason. They do not provide customer support to users. You cannot contact them for anything. One must keep in mind that Google can change their terms anytime without notifying anyone.

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