5 Ways That Affiliate Marketers Can Unwind After Finishing Work

Affiliate marketing is responsible for up to 30% of all sales for advertisers – that’s a lot of pressure to place on people who make it their work.

With affiliate marketers playing such an important role in the revenue streams of businesses, it’s important that they’re on top form at all times – that’s why unwinding is so important.

I’ve covered off five great ways for affiliate marketers to both relax and keep on top of their craft.

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1: Attend a life drawing class to let your soul breathe

Speaking from experience, affiliate marketing can be stressful work – you need to dig deep into your research then turn it into product review that cuts through the competition. This is time-consuming stuff and it can leave little time for your soul to breathe.

Attending a life drawing class lets you take a breath, bringing a calmness to your private life that will make you an even better affiliate marketer – when you get back to work.

I began attending life drawing classes as a way to connect with my high school passion for art. What I quickly discovered is that they were more a therapeutic exercise than a lesson in nostalgia. This is exactly what you can expect too – and if you’re any good you could even sell your drawings, making a profit on cleansing your soul.

2: Keep your competitive side strong with online gambling

Affiliate marketing is, by its very nature, inherently competitive – you find a niche, establish the competition, then use your skills to beat them. It’s a game that pays the victory handsomely.

It stands to reason then that even when you’re unwinding, you’ll want to keep your competitive edge strong and online gambling provides this in spades – pun intended.

There are many different types of online gambling and more than enough to keep every affiliate marketer happy. For instance, you might be a sports fan and if that’s the case then the options at a sports site like Coral Casino is ideal. Or you may like strategic games, and if that’s true then playing poker at a cardroom like PokerStars is perfect.

The great thing about picking online gambling as your way to unwind is that you can make some money from this past-time – a lot if you’re good. The important thing to keep in mind, though, is to always gamble responsibly and remember that it’s just a bit of fun.

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3: Make music to utilise your existing affiliate marketing skills

Now, I’ll be honest with you, I adore music – I’ve written thousands of words for music publications and harboured ambitions of being a musician when I was younger (suffice to say, those ambitions weren’t realised).

But lacking the talent to be the next Taylor Swift shouldn’t stop you from using music to unwind. Why? Because it feeds into some of the most important parts of being an affiliate marketer.

Making music relies on your ability to take a disparate set of influences and to weave them into something new – just like you do in your day job as an affiliate marketer. And once you’ve made your song(s) you’ll have something tangible, giving you r&r (rest and reward).

4 & 5: Creative writing & photography to enhance your storytelling

I’ve taken up quite enough of your time talking about how to unwind once you’ve finished your day, so I’ll keep these last two short(ish) and sweet(ish). I’m saying now that creative writing and photography are both great ways to unwind. Why? I’ll explain.

Creative writing takes you out of your comfort zone (especially if writing is an important part of your job, like it is for an affiliate marketer). But it doesn’t only take you out of your comfort zone, it also enhances your ability to tell a story and that’s crucial in affiliate marketing.

Photography gives you a chance to really appreciate the world for what it is, locking beauty into a single moment and saying the cliched thousand words. But while this is a great way to unwind this is also a storytelling skill that’s useful in affiliate marketing. Why? Because sometimes you need to let pictures direct your users to the right outcomes and knowing how to take a good one will help you to use images better in your work.

There you have it, five great ways for affiliate marketers to unwind and also add value to your work to boot – just because you’re away from your work it doesn’t mean you can’t enhance the skills that make you a successful affiliate marketer.

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