What Benefits Technology Brings To The Environment


With all the industrial BOOM and the resource impact this revolution has caused, it’s no wonder we’re suffering an environmental crisis that deserves to be taken into consideration. Technology has been a consequence of development, but it can also serve to alleviate environmental degradation.

Today, the relationship between nature and technology must be understood, rather than as something opposed, as something interconnected, so that the two can collaborate without harming each other. The trend is rather the opposite, as allies, they have to work to benefit each other.

5 technological pathways that help nature

The manipulation of the functioning of current objects and devices, to adapt them and make them more responsible with the needs of the natural environment and the new alternatives of change with green technology, are helping a lot to change a scenario that is predicted to be difficult for the natural environment says The Gaylord Box Exchange.

There are certain goals and pathways that allow technology to take better care of nature:

  1. Digital Transformation: companies and people are greatly reducing the use of paper thanks to storage in memory systems and in the cloud. Mail, notes and agendas are now archived in the digital world, helping to reduce deforestation.
  2. Electric cars: work is being done meticulously to reduce pollution from vehicles, making them increasingly sustainable. The volume of electric and hybrid cars has increased and their prices are being reduced to encourage this type of consumption.
  3. Smart homes and buildings: both home and workplace use a lot of energy. Technology is now changing this, reducing it a lot, thanks to new devices such as thermostats and smart lights that are dimmed only when necessary.
  4. Renewable energies: the well-known clean energy (solar, wind, hydroelectric) is being promoted more and more and is also becoming much more efficient. Its design is at the same time more attractive and accessible to facilitate this change for the good of the natural environment.
  5. Environmental control: technology is very useful to ensure that laws and regulations that protect the environment are complied with. There are already drones that monitor areas of flora and fauna, devices and systems that analyze the level of air pollution, as well as a very meticulous technological control that tests the quality of any type of product that reaches the market.

Technology and environment are two areas that are more related than we can imagine. Nature inspires progress and innovation. We have to find the way in which technology forms part of the solution and not of the problem, and that is that, if the natural environment has given us the resources we currently have to improve our knowledge and quality of life, what less than to use them to take care of it in return.


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