Custom Label Bottled Water Advertising: Crystal Beverage Company

Finding ways for your brand to stand out and make a statement is an ever-evolving question for businesses. While much of marketing has moved toward the digital realm, there is still a place for physical advertising methods in creating memorable branding.

One prime option is creating branded materials for giveaways. Branded swag attracts potential customers and works as additional marketing when they carry it around.

Here we review a standout custom labeled water company: Crystal Beverage Company.

What Is the Crystal Beverage Company?

This company is a leader in private label bottled water with over 23 years of experience. The company offers several water bottle types filled with clean, purified drinking water.

Crystal Beverage Company goes beyond offering a bottle slapped with a logo and filled with water. The water goes through a filtration process using carbon, reverse osmosis, UV treatment, and microfiltration. The result is pure, clean water. All liquid comes from natural springs in California and passes FDA regulations with flying colors.

The company steps beyond natural spring water and offers alkaline water with an increased pH and electrolyte-enhanced water with custom minerals of your choice.

What Are the Order Requirements?

Crystal Beverage Company accommodates large orders and has a 12 case minimum requirement. The order minimum means the custom labeled water is perfect for marketing events and conferences where you can expect a lot of attendees who represent untapped market potential.

What Are the Customization Options?

The company will customize these branded bottles beyond your brand logo. Every customer can choose between 5 sizes with bottles available in 33, 23, 16, 12, or 8 ounce options.

From there, select between these 3 styles:

  • Custom – Craft a desired design with our blow molding technique
  • Bullet – A sleek shape with no ribs
  • Regular – Stock ribbed design

The labels are fully customizable and are created in-house with a Heidelberg Digital Imaging Press. The cost of the label creation is included in the overall product cost.

What Are the Best Features?

These water bottles stand out for several reasons. Many custom labels can quickly peel, especially when exposed to ice water. Crystal Beverage Company products do not suffer from this and are 100% waterproof.

Some other great features include:

Popular Product

Bottled water advertising is a perfect promotional product with millions of people reaching for a reusable bottle every day. The rising awareness of eco-friendly options makes it a useful product customers will be eager to grab.

Market it Anywhere

Water bottles never need a reason to be handed out. You can place them in a lobby, at a sporting event, fitness club, or at tabling events. A cool, refreshing sip of water is always welcome and hydration is key to a healthy life.

Co-Packing Provided

The company does offer co-packing by providing in-house label printing, blow molding, and warehousing at their California-based facility. It works as a one-stop shop to provide the entire product with prime customer service.

Continuous Advertisement

Once the water bottle is in a customer’s hand, you have continuous advertisement. Every time they carry it into a fitness class or set it on a work desk, someone is exposed to your brand and label. This makes it a great tool to reach a wide audience and garner interest.

How to Get in Touch

The partnership with Crystal Beverage Company begins with requesting a quote. Reach out via the contact form or by calling directly at 310-479-8332.

What is the Final Conclusion?

Custom labeled water bottles have become an innovative and effective marketing tool to expand your audience and business reach. The trick is to focus on quality products, which Crystal Beverage Company has provided over 23 years of its operation. This creates a product featuring excellent design, form, and function.

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