The Housing Mantra of 10X


Housing.com has unveiled itself in a new avatar. The property portal has laid rest to all earlier impressions and has shed the cocoon of ambiguity that has long been a source of speculation.


The brand has come out as bold, approachable and progressive. The firm’s new mantra is “10X Better”.  This means that the portal would endeavor to break new barriers and venture into newer avenues than it has ever before. The culture of a company itself is poised to become progressive. The brand now has fed fuel to the fire of commitment. It is not going to stop short of excellence and will always forge ahead. The organization now aims to be world class, and will not stop short till it has outdone competition; and itself.

To achieve the 10X mantra, the company has embarked on a journey of revelation and exploration. It that is set to transform and help evolve its core culture. The basic values- which form the tenet of housing.com- form the base of this launch pad. 10X is made up by the combination of three traits which have been the signature of the portal so far. They now become the building blocks of the brand.

Out See

Housing.com has had a unique take on the way property business is viewed. The portal has had a visionary approach towards search for homes since its inception. It has viewed the realty arena as a complex situation which could be resolved using mathematics and technology. This view has always been against the standard approach towards the property market as an arena for selling houses only. When nobody ensured the reliability of listings, housing.com aligned its operations to verify every property listed on the portal. The portal has seen the need to make property markets more trust worthy and it has been able to utilize technology to find answers. That is the visionary approach has a paramount place in the re-invigorated housing.com

Out Think

It is inconceivable that there can actually be a formula to rate a house; independent of any human intervention. Housing.com has been able to mathematically identify factors which affect the choice of a house. This is a stark display of the ability of the portal to view issues differently. What was earlier considered to be an insurmountable issue was broken down into a solvable mathematical problem. Such an approach takes immense skill in technology and application of mathematics with data analysis.

However housing.com has proven its mettle time and again- not only in scoring homes but also creating new ways of finding houses. Out Thinking is the second corner stone of the 10 X Mantra

Out Do

Two and half years since its inception, housing.com has come up with numerous services and features. It continues to research and innovate. The portal does not stop at a milestone. It considers success as the next step towards the unfathomable future. It constantly gazes into the unknown to identify new patterns and trends. The portal believes that it can stay ahead, change the game; and continue to win it. This philosophy becomes ingrained in the form of the third vital tenet of its vision of the future.

To Conclude

10X Better is not a just a vision. It is the way to shape the future of housing.com. All you have to do is to Look up and you will see the new emergence of housing.

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Article written by Suresh

Suresh is author and owner of way2earning.com. He loves to help people by teaching the ways to make money online with advertising and affiliate programs. He is also passionate about technology and love to write reviews.

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