Business Use of Virtual Numbers

Nowadays, virtual phone numbers are a common thing among different companies and organizations. However, there are still entrepreneurs and business owners who are taking for granted the importance of this cloud-based telephony system. They seem to be oblivious of the benefits that they can get in integrating virtual numbers into their business. They are not aware of the risks of providing their real contact number like cell phone numbers. If you are one of those business owners that still hesitate to use virtual phone numbers in your daily communication, then this article is for YOU.

But before that, don’t forget that our usual SIM card phone numbers are associated with the physical phone, while virtual phone numbers are not bound or tied to any physical communication device. This will give you a picture in advance of how a virtual phone system works.

What exactly is a virtual number?

In its simplest definition, a virtual number is a phone number that is not tied to a specific mobile device or telephone line. And just like your ordinary phone number, you can use it to place or receive calls using any mobile device such as cell phones, tablets, softphones, or VoIP desk phones. You can also use it to receive calls using your personal computers or laptops.

As you see, this particular advantage of using a virtual SIM is not possible with traditional phone lines or systems. As long as you have a stable Internet connection, then this will wonderfully work for you.

That alone will give you an idea about the benefit of flexibility that a SIM card number can’t provide. But still, you may ask, “How does a virtual number work?” Let’s talk about this type of telephony system.

Benefits of using a virtual number for your business

First thing first, a virtual number is so easy to set up compared to traditional phone lines that require substantial knowledge about the technicality of the technology. As a matter of fact, the best cloud-based phone system doesn’t require technical expertise. Here are the other awesome benefits that you can get once you integrate a virtual number into your business:

  •  Low startup cost – with conventional telephone lines, you are obliged to purchase certain equipment and hardware to set up a communication system. Aside from that, there should be someone from your organization that has the right technical knowledge to run or maintain your phone system.

With a virtual phone number or any other cloud-based phone system, the high cost of phone installation including the processing fee and delays are totally eliminated. No servers, no software, no need for technical expertise. Simply purchase a virtual number and activate it. Once activated, you can then start using your new virtual phone number.

  •  Easy to upgrade – unlike traditional phone systems, upgrading your virtual phone system is much easier. As your business grows, there is no need for you to worry about high cost or additional equipment since all the upgrading and updating are done in the ‘cloud’. It means that there is no physical hardware involve if you want to upgrade the system.
  •  Flexibility – as mentioned earlier, you enjoy the benefits of virtual numbers’ flexibility since they are not bound to any physical equipment or mobile devices. Whether you are using a laptop or smartphone, you have the freedom to receive and make calls to your clients, business partners, and potential customers.

Additionally, all your call transactions can be done outside your office and beyond office hours. It means that you can confidently provide 24/7 customer service to your clients wherever your location is. With a traditional phone line, you have no choice but to wait in the office or hire someone to serve as a dedicated customer service representative to attend to all incoming calls from your clients and potential customers.

Another benefit of flexibility with virtual numbers is the fact that they are not tied to any specific phone. And since they are cloud-based telephony systems, you can definitely configure them to redirect all incoming calls to devices of your choice – smartphones, computers, softphones, or landlines. In fact, you can receive incoming calls on all the mentioned devices simultaneously!

  •  Improve customer satisfaction – most cloud-based phone service providers include auto attendants, just like Telnum. An auto (automated) attendant is a configurable voice menu system that greets your callers and allows them to be transferred to the appropriate department or individual.

As an example, if someone calls your virtual phone number about a particular bill, the caller will be greeted at first and then an automated voice will provide different options like ‘Press 1 for billing concern. Press 2 for special offers,’ and so on.

As you see, there is no need for them to talk with several people before reaching their desired department or agent of your team. Unfortunately, this robust feature is not available in a traditional phone system.

  •  Separate business from your personal affair – if you’re using your personal SIM card number to manage calls both from your personal and business transactions, then you are messing with your communication system.

With a virtual number, you can separate personal calls from your business transactions, right on your mobile phone.

  •  Protect your privacy – it is not uncommon for companies and organizations to advertise their products or services. Running a marketing campaign to promote your business includes your contact number. but unknown to other business owners, providing your personal phone number is risky and dangerous.

You may have already heard numerous instances where people have been scammed online. They seemed to be unaware of how it happened to them. Little did they know that hackers nowadays are more intelligent than we think. And with your phone number alone, they can manage to dig deeper into your personal information using various illegal schemes.

Fortunately, a virtual phone number eliminates all these kinds of activities from happening in your business and personal life. Anyone you call or calls your virtual number cannot see your real phone number. This awesome feature alone will give you the benefit of being stress-free from online scams. Additionally, there is no need for you to worry about spam calls and messages since they wouldn’t even know your real phone number.

Final Thoughts

It is a fact that most businesses, especially startups and small ones are having and experiencing tight budgets. Perhaps they also lack sufficient knowledge and ideas about the latest communication technology.

It is not surprising to know that virtual numbers provide your business a local presence beyond your location minus the overhead cost associated with conventional phone systems. If you want to bring your business to the next higher level, integrating a cloud-based phone system is the best step that you should take.

Here at, we got you covered. With our VoIP services such as SMS virtual numbers, toll-free numbers, virtual phone numbers among other services, you can be sure that you and your business are totally protected and backed up by the latest technology to this date.

With a virtual phone number, you are not only providing 100% customer satisfaction, but your team will also enjoy the tremendous benefits of freedom, savings, and total flexibility a virtual phone system alone can provide.

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