Which page builder should I use of I’m a designer Vs developer?

Page Builder constitutes an optional plug-in for WordPress that helps with editing pages developed on the WordPress site through the enhanced editor based on drag-and-drop functionality. This is an effective yet simple procedure to build a professional looking website via WordPress. For example, Collectiveray explain here how to build a website using one of the most popular WP page builders, and discuss the advantages of using Beaver Builder vs Divi.

Page Builder can be found by default incorporated into the setup with a Quick Start Wizard. Using this Wizard, one can also install plug-ins such as Contact Widget, Ninja Forms and Beaver Builder Booster. The Ninja Forms and Contact Widgets can be installed later on if a designer wishes not to use Quick Start Wizard. As a WordPress designer, you can opt to choose from an array of page builders which include the following tools.

  1. Webydo

As a designer who understands HTML and all its in-depth workings, you can easily create exceptional quality HTML based websites right from scratch without the need to develop a code. This is useful for designers who are not well equipped with the technical coding aspect of HTML website creation. One can use the CMS or Content Management System that is completely integrated into the page builder to help your client with easy updates to the content of the website.

  1. Macaw

Macaw is a page builder that comes with similar flexibility like that of your preferred image editor. However, it is also encoded with writing the semantic HTML along with remarkable succinct of CSS. With Macaw, you can expect a full-scale page builder that is more than a tool for web design.

  1. Slides Framework

Slides are made of a collection of 70 creative slides along with 11 web templates for quick start of website building that can be mixed and matched for a unique look. All these slides available with this page builder can be acquired in various formats which include Sketch, HTML and PSD formats.

  1. Qards

Qards is a well-developed page builder that comes with features such as responsive page builder based on WordPress that comes along with an array of cards that are pre-designed for the creation of websites that are easy to access via mobile devices of any shape and size.

  1. Squarespace

As a designer, you must have imagined a website with simple pages but striking galleries along with a hint of professional touch. Squarespace enables you to create a website that includes all this and more. You can build well-developed websites, online stores and much more with the use of Squarespace which is a page builder equipped to work on any platform including mobile.

  1. Wix

If you are looking for options to create a website that is stunning yet free, you can opt for Wix with an array of features at the tip of your hands. Creating a website with Wix is fun and specially encoded for designers who do not have coding skills. It is one of the best and hassle-free techniques to create a website that is attractive to the customer while being thoroughly professional from the core.

Now, as a website developer who understands coding, you can opt for the following page builders.

  1. Beaver Builder

This particular WordPress page builder is one of the favourites of developers across the world as well as the DIYers. The Beaver Builder houses the reputation of having a developer-friendly structure along with clean and simple coding. The reliable updates for the page builder have made it popular among 600k+ websites. The key features present in the Beaver Builder include full library template, Front-end development, works with all the themes, etc. When paired with the Beaver Themer, you can essentially create amazing websites with limitless possibilities regarding design.

  1. Divi 3

Divi 3 is among the original page and theme builder combo designed with WordPress in mind. After years of use by website developers from all over the globe, it remains the most used page builder that comes with a large user base. It houses an array of unique and custom built features that are patented by Divi. Read a full review of Divi 3 here.

Key Features:

  • 100s of templates to pick from.
  • Inline type text editing feature.
  • Front-end development.
  • Innovative Features new to website development.
  • Responsive Editing.
  • 40+ elements.
  • Global Elements.

Divi 3 is among the technically advanced page builder that comes with careful coding which is preferred and loved by many WordPress developers given its strong features for creation of a unique and attractive website. The best thing about Divi 3 is the fact that it is available at an attractive price tag with a lifetime option. Recently, the team has been churning out amazing enhancements to the already popular page builder with ultramodern features. Apart from that, latest updates to the page builder include an array of templates that are free along with a flexible and scalable template manager.

  1. Elementor

Elementor has essentially taken the basic WordPress development techniques to the next level. It houses the deepest yet easy to master features that make it the top choice for developers looking for updated website development tools that are easy to work with. It is essentially a full-featured and free builder with a pro version to include additional features required by the developers.

Key Features:

  • On-point feature designing.
  • Block Library with templates.
  • Options for mobile responsiveness.
  • Live page editor for front-end development.
  • Fast and scalable features.
  • Create PRO customised Footers/Headers and Post Type Layouts.

It is among the sturdiest page builder available in the current market with consistent updates of new features. This helps in maintaining website relevancy. Elementor Pro is available at affordable price with power features and additional user module.

The above points clearly show that as designer or developer, you will get many options for page builder. It completely depends up on that which on which you are comfortable and make your task easy.  At the end of the day what matters is the end product which you are going to develop and ease of the builder is very much necessary. You should feel comfortable while working on those builders. So choose in that way and be the perfection in building pages.

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