How to Recover Photos from iPad’s Backup file?


The Apple iPad is one of the best selling tablet devices out there. What makes the Apple ipad stand out from its competitors is its great built quality, superb functionality and the great list of tablet optimized apps available in the Apple App Store. The Apple iPad is also a great device to store your photos, movies and all other medias, thanks to the great amount of internal storage space that is available and also the comfort of the large screen in the Apple iPad.

And once the storage in your iPad gets filled up, there is always an option to simply connect your iPad to your Windows PC or Mac computer and let iTunes backup all the content on your Apple iPad to your computer, so that all the content stays safe on your computer even if your delete from your iPad device.

However, has there been a situation, where you set your Apple iPad to factory setting losing all the content stored in your iPad and also forgot to take a backup of your iPad via iTunes?

Well, such situations can be really painful if you have a lot of content such as movies, music, photos, and other important information stored in your iPad always. And if you are in search of a way by which you can recover and restore lost photos from iPad backup from your PC, then today we are here with a solution exactly for your problem.

And the solution is the Mobikin Doctor for iOS. When compared to all the other recovery software solutions available out there, the Mobikin Doctor for iOS is a great solution and indeed one of its kind. It can meet all your requirements and necessities which include recovering and retrieving all the deleted photos from your iPad in your computer, even if your iPad was restored to factory settings. However, if you already have backed up all the recent content from your iPad in your computer via iTunes, then it is even simpler to recover all the content using the Mobikin Doctor for iOS.

Mobikin Doctor for iOS

Not just the photos stored in your iPad, you can also use the Mobikin Doctor for iOS to recover the music, browser bookmarks, videos and so on from your iPad easily. All the recovered files are also of great quality and there are very less chances of error as well.

Below is how you can Restore the Deleted Photos and Other Media from your iPad to your Computer:

1. Download and install the Mobikin Doctor for iOS software on your PC.

2. Connect your iPad to the computer.

3. Run the software and then choose the “Recovery from iTunes Backup File” mode.

4. Now the software will detect and then scan your iPad.

5. After the scan is complete, you can then choose the photos and other media you wish to restore after previewing them.

Once you have selected the required files, the software will then restore all those selected files from your iPad backup easily.

Congratulations. You have now successfully completed recovering photos from iPad backup without any hassles.

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  1. Felix Lee says:

    I like your post. You inspire and educate us on your blog on How to Recover Photos from iPad’s Backup file. You can really help a lot. Great blogs!

  2. Vicky says:


    Well I use recuva for recovery of deleted files and I think its really great software for data recovery.



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