Understanding The Concept of Amazon Optimization

Amazon is unarguably one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world today. Ironically, this platform went to another level of success during the pandemic.  This was because of the ease of shopping and minimized personal/physical contact that it afforded customers.

In this day and age, online shopping is the in thing. The world is now a global village and with just a click of buttons on a device, one can reach countries they never even knew existed. Therefore, any vendor, seller or businessperson who wants to make a global impact has to be online. Check out this article for more about globalization as it affects your business success.

However, it is important to state that just being online is not enough. You have to be on the right platform and doing the right thing to engage visitors and make sales. This, therefore, leads us to the subject at hand, the concept of Amazon optimization.

What Is Amazon Optimization

It is the process through which a seller or vendor upgrades their product pages so that they would have higher search visibility.  Additionally, the process would increase CTR (click-through rate) and CR (conversion rate) which would ultimately lead to increased sales.

Several things are involved in this process and they include the following: –

  • Discovery of keywords
  • Optimizing the content of an image and listing text
  • Increase the percentage of buyers who send in reviews.

This is just a summary of the process; let us briefly give you a breakdown of Amazon listing optimization process.

Optimizing Keywords for Ease of Discovery

Before goods/services can be seen on an Amazon search, it must have the keywords that are searched. If the keyword is not included, your product would not be seen by customers.  This, therefore, means that your page must have all the keywords that are relevant to customer search.

If you must have the relevant keywords, then you need to do thorough research to know which keywords are relevant. After the search, ensure that you add those keywords in strategic points in the product listing.

product listing

Here are some tips to help you in this aspect: –

  1. You should use 249 bytes of keywords that are important and relevant in the search terms. Do not use more than 249 bytes and ensure that you do not use irrelevant keywords. Bear in mind that if you go over 249 bytes, the excess would not be indexed. This would amount to a waste of space and time.
  2. Product description – you can use more keywords here but ensure that it does not confuse the reader. This means that this portion of your page has to flow seamlessly with other parts while incorporating relevant keywords.
  3. Other types of keywords – you can use target audience key words because Amazon uses them in their search filters. Example of such target audience keyword includes kid, girl, women, etc.
  4. It is important to include additional information about the product. This additional information would help the customer to quickly access the product through the filter and algorithm for the product.

Check out this website for a better understanding of keyword optimization: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/google-search-console-guide/209318/

Content Optimization

When the content of your page is properly optimized, it can enhance the CTR of search results. It would also increase the CR on the page where the product is; this would lead to a boost in sales and consequently higher ranking.

The three areas that you need to concentrate on in this regard are the information on your product, the texts of the product and the images of the product.

  • Product Information- Ensure that you present the information in such a way that would convince the customer that this is what they need. You can achieve this by including the advantages and benefits of using the product.  Also, make sure that the information is readily available to customers.
  • Product Texts – This is very similar to product information as it is the text that would pass across information about the product. So, use catchy titles that are easily recognizable, use bullet points and other resources that are available on Amazon.
  • Product Image – The image of your product must be easy to recognize and attractive. Also, ensure that the resolution is bright. Ensure that you adhere to the requirements for images that go on Amazon. It is advised that you have a core product image and then additional images. These additional images would cover how it is used and its benefits, different angles of the product, the packaging, social interaction and how it fits into the lifestyle of the user.

amazon products

Customer Reviews

There are many ways that you can increase the number of reviews that you have on your page. Much as having a large number of reviews is great, it is even better if the reviews are an average of 4 – star. This would increase the confidence of your visitors to click through and convert to sales.

One sure way of getting customers to drop reviews is to offer excellent service. When your customer and after-sales service is top-notch, you would not have to do so much to persuade customers to drop a review.

Some vendors also send complimentary products to customers so that they can use the product and send in a review. Note, however, that Amazon has guidelines for reviews, so you need to know them and comply with them.

The above are just a few of the ways that you can optimize your page on Amazon. We know that many people do not like to be bothered with such backend technicalities. That is why companies like Canopy Management – a full service Amazon agency and others are there to take the stress off you.

When you hire any of such agencies, you can rest assured that they would take care of your Amazon optimization. You also have the advantage of growing your business without defaulting on any of Amazon’s requirements and guidelines.


We have given you a brief explanation of the concept of Amazon optimization and its implementation.  This piece was just to let you know how important this concept is to the volume of your sales on Amazon.

Use some of the best Amazon seller software tools to optimize your Amazon listings and one of the best Amazon repricers to optimize your pricing.

We do hope that the information shared here would be of help to the success of your business online.

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