Importance of a Mobile Signal Booster

In the current day, owning a phone has ceased to be a luxury, and it has turned into a basic need. Communication is important hence it is always necessary to be reachable via the phone. The increase in reliance on mobile phones for communication has made it necessary for network providers to ensure that their coverage is widespread over a large area. Nonetheless, there are places where mobile signal is quite poor.

mobile signal
For instance, if you live in a basement flat or a remote countryside area, there are high chances that your phone will receive scanty and sometimes unreliable signal. Though you cannot communicate with anyone, you are not alone. There is a significant number of people who have network coverage problems too. Since it has become a widespread problem, network providers are increasingly suggesting you get yourself a signal booster.

Signal boosters that include the O2 signal booster will harness your home Wi-Fi connection. Through their harnessing, they will enhance your phone’s reception and 3G connection. These boosters exist in hardware or software versions depending on your network provider. If you go for the hardware version, you will require an adaptor that plugs into the mains while the software version is a downloadable app provided by your preferred network provider.


Using the boosters mean that your calls will be relayed via the internet. Though some network signals are stronger than others, it is advisable to research on a phone before you buy it. Some phones have higher capabilities of receiving network than others. It is also advisable for you to buy a Pay As You Go Sims first before committing to buying phones for your business. Nonetheless, if you have already bought the phones, the boosters are a viable solution to your signal challenges.

Signal problems are sorted out by many network providers using femtocells like the O2 signal booster. These boosters use your broadband connection to reach the provider’s network and output a local GSM signal for your continuous usage. O2 offers a downloadable app that is free since it does not require any separate hardware except your existing broadband router. Thus, it is significantly cheaper compared to other network providers that require extra hardware installations.

Some people believe that you should not pay extra to the service providers to enhance their signal. Everybody tends to agree though you should consider purchasing a signal booster if you live in a quite remote area. In remote areas, the population is sparse making the network providers to be reluctant in investing in extending coverage to such areas. To solve all these challenges, a signal booster is a viable solution though the free O2 signal booster softer is a better take.

In case a signal booster cannot sort out your poor signal challenges, then you are entitled to terminate your contract with them. The termination is based on breach of agreement and you are entitled to it without any financial penalties. Many network providers strive relentlessly to make sure that their clients are well satisfied with their services. The competition amongst these providers also makes each to deliver quality services at affordable costs.

The signal boosters are seen as a viable solution to poor mobile signals since they are easy and quick to install. You do not need to drill holes on your roof, all you need to do is to place the booster strategically in the position where it receives maximum signal. The O2 signal booster is more preferred since it is a software app that will not require any placement on your roof.

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