Review of Travelpayouts Affiliate Network

The Travelpayouts affiliate network enables travel websites to monetize traffic. This affiliate network offers over 100 affiliate programs for you to utilize for monetizing travel blogs, Facebook groups, and other sources of travel traffic.

About the Travelpayouts Affiliate Network

Travelpayouts affiliate program

Aviasales launched Travelpayouts in 2011, but initially it was an affiliate program and not a network. In 2014, Travelpayouts added new extra affiliate programs like Kiwitaxi and others. After that, Travelpayouts evolved from an affiliate program and the story of Travelpayouts as an affiliate network started. Nowadays, the network offers more than 100 affiliate programs.

By 2022, Travelpayouts will have registered over 300,000 webmasters from around the world. As both international and local companies can be found on the network, it can be used by webmasters from around the world. Moreover, for customers’ comfort the tools are available in 59 languages.

Available Affiliate Programs

The number of webmasters and the number of affiliate programs available on Travelpayouts make it the largest affiliate network for travel.

Currently, Travelpayouts offers over 100 affiliate programs. These programs can be found on the Dashboard under the Programs section. The following video offers more information about the Travelpayouts network, the affiliate programs available, and important tools:


Personal Account (Dashboard)

Upon registering, each webmaster receives a personal account in which they can access the following:

  • Complete list of affiliate programs.
  • Affiliate tools.
  • Statistics.
  • Account management options.
  • Blog newsfeed.
  • Useful courses and promotional codes.

There are multiple languages available on the dashboard.  The rest of the site has been translated into the same languages, including the blog and Help Center. Additionally, Travelpayouts offers support in two languages 7 days a week.  

The dashboard displays detailed information about income and sales, including the date the sales were made and the direction they took. As well as hotel names and dates of stay, other information will be available if the advertiser shares it.

With the release of Travelpayouts’ new dashboard in 2019, the team continues to enhance the existing version.

Available Tools

Travelpayouts affiliate network offers a variety of tools for affiliates, including:

  • Links
  • Widgets
  • Banners
  • White Labels
  • APIs
  • Landing Pages
  • And some others

A typical affiliate program includes a variety of tools which can be a simple banner and link or quite complex such as API access. However, many programs at Travelpayouts also have a number of unique tools not found anywhere else. For instance, affiliate program (accessible via Travelpayouts) offers the search widget, meanwhile, in-house affiliate program doesn’t provide it.

Almost all widgets and tools can be customized. For instance, size, color, and other characteristics can be changed.


The webmaster gets paid once a month (usually 10-20th days of the month) if the minimum payout (from $10) has been met during the previous month. The number of minimum payouts varies by payment type. For Paypal $50 or 40 euro is enough but bank transfers are starting at $500 or 400 euro.

Remember that the minimum amount consists of all of your earnings from all affiliate programs. If you get $30 on and $28 on TripAdvisor, the total will be $58 and that’s the amount that can be transferred to your wallet.

Advantages and disadvantages

Although there are a lot of affiliate programs connected to tourism, there is the one and only affiliate network – Travelpayouts. However, of course, you should know all the disadvantages along with advantages to choose this service


  • A wide variety of affiliate programs
  • All programs can be managed through one account
  • Receive payments in multiple ways
  • Using unique tools (such as APIs)
  • Rich knowledge base
  • Fast support
  • Free training for affiliates


  • A part of the advertisers’ websites is only in English
  • Only Aviasales (flight meta-search service) offers tools in 59 languages; other affiliate programs are available in fewer languages

Earning money with Travelpayouts

Travelpayouts connects advertisers and webmasters. To make money, you need to drive traffic to advertisers’ websites. This can be done through: 

  • Blogs
  • Facebook groups
  • YouTube channels
  • Email newsletters
  • Instagram pages
  • Paid ads on other sites.

There are different traffic requirements for each affiliate program within Travelpayouts, which are detailed in each program’s description. If you do so, you risk unpaid sales or even account suspension in some cases.

The terms of remuneration vary by affiliate program, but almost all affiliate programs work on the CPA model, meaning that you will be compensated each time a visitor purchases a travel service through your referral.

Consider this example:

  • A visitor to your website is sent to the advertiser’s TripAdvisor site
  • She/he purchases a sightseeing tour for $120
  • You will get $9.6, which is 8% of the cost

Visitors do not always purchase a service or product immediately. Some may return later. Most advertisers offer cookies that are valid for 30 days (and, in some cases, up to 365 days) in order to attribute these delayed sales to you. Advertisers on Travelpayouts set their own cookie terms. For instance, has a 14-day cookie duration.

There is a direct affiliate program available with the majority of the programs at Travelpayouts. Examples include GetYourGuide and Travelpayouts is, in most cases, more convenient to work with than direct affiliate programs. Having only one account, access to support, a simplified and modern interface, and timely payments will make it easy to manage your business.

Become a member of the Travelpayouts affiliate network today and start earning money on airline tickets, hotels, car rentals, and more.

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