Pulsepoint review

Pulsepoint Review

Pulsepoint is a CPM advertising network based in US. Earlier it was ContextWeb. According to them they are serving more than 3 billion impressions daily. Pulsepoint publishers get paid on impressions basis. The biggest advantage of using Pulseoint is that publishers could bid on the ad impressions. This move certainly differs from other ad networks. Pulsepoint review sites and approve them easily. There are no specific traffic requirements to join publisher program. But, Pulsepoint may discourage sites with offensive or objectionable content. Small publishers could benefit more with this ad network.

Pulsepoint accept publishers from every part of the world.Pulsepoint review Pulsepoint is more focused on US traffic. So naturally sites with non US traffic couldn’t gain more. The fill rate is around 30-40% for non-US sites. This is really worse, isn’t it. Publishers must look after the things that need improvement. It might be traffic or targeted content. Where as in the case of US traffic sites the fill rate is 100%. Publishers have no hassles as visitors don’t need to click ads. The ads delivered by Pulsepoint are clean as they are working with quality advertisers.

If any ad slot is empty due to failed bidding negotiation then publishers could always fill it with other backup tags. Publishers could benefit more if they use Google Adsense ads as their backup ads. It’s not confined only to Adsense but also one can use other networks as well. It’s important for publishers to bid with caution as the ‘ask price’ should be favorable to the advertisers. The ad inventory includes banners and pop-ups. Pulsepoint publishers can use maximum of 3 banners on a page.


Pulsepoint pays its publishers on Net 45 basis. The threshold payout is $50 and the payment mode is Paypal, Check, Wire transfer and echeck.


  • Advanced reporting system.
  • Publishers can filter ads based on their priorities.
  • Back up ads comes to rescue for poor fill rate sites.


  • Pulsepoint doesn’t offer referral program.
  • It’s not going to work well with non-US traffic site.
  • Fill rate is worse for low traffic sites.

Final conclusion of Pulsepoint

Pulsepoint is a genuine advertising network which pays on time. Publishers should try Pulsepoint along with other contextual advertising programs. This network works well for sites generating huge traffic from US.

CPC monetization + CPM monetization=More Revenue

I hope readers find this Pulsepoint review helpful and they are welcome to share their experiences via comments.

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