Admetrika Review : Online Advertising Network For Publishers

Admetrika is an online advertising network based in Estonia. The revenue models of this network are CPC and CPM. That means you will earn for both clicks and impressions. The advertisers can advertise their business and publishers monetize their websites using Admetrika.

How To Join Admetrika Ad Network?

Go to Admetrika signup page and register as a publisher. Admetrika review your application before approving the account. They may take 24 hours to review your websites. You will get notified through E-Mail.

Rules For Publishers To Join And Use Admetrika Ad Network

  • Admetrika does not allow adult websites or blogs.
  • The websites of publishers must not contain any objectionable content.
  • Being a publisher, you must not click on your own ads.
  • The publishers must not generate artificial traffic at any cost. You must not use bots, autosurfers, proxies and auto refreshing sites to send traffic.

Ad Formats

Admetrika works on only banner ads. The publishers can have access to all sizes. Remember to place banners within the fold to attract visitors.

Payment Info

Admetrika pays on Net 30 basis. You must reach at least $50 to withdraw funds. The payment options are PayPal, Bank transfer, Paxum and Bitcoin.

Referral Program

Presently Admetrika is not offering any referral program.

Best Features Of Admetrika Ad Network

  • RTB technology
  • Worldwide coverage
  • The publishers can track clicks, impressions and revenue in real time.
  • Timely payments : Publishers would receive their payments on time.
  • Dedicated support

Contact Info

If you had anything to ask Admetrika support team, then write them to [email protected]

Final Conclusion

Admetrika ad network is ideal for both publishers and advertisers. One must give a try to Admetrika ad network. If you had worked with Admetrika ad network, then you can share their experiences in the comment section. Hope this Admetrika review help publishers to get started.

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