Adnow review : Native advertising network

Adnow review

Adnow is a UK-based native advertising network. This network is serving thousands of publishers worldwide. The revenue model of this network is CPC/CPM. It is a good alternative to Ayboll and Native Ads networks. Adnow review sites before approving them.

Requirements for publishers to join Adnow native ad network

  • There are no specific traffic requirements for publishers. But, decent traffic sites have more benefits.
  • The sites must not host any objectionable content like pornography, hacking, viruses, spam, adware, spyware etc.
  • The site must not contain any prohibited content.
  • The sites must not have violated copyright laws.


  • Publishers must not alter the ad code.
  • Publishers must not use bots, traffic exchanges, auto refreshing software to generate fake traffic.
  • Don’t ever click on your own ads or encourage others to do.

How does it work

Publishers must upload a text file to the website’s root folder for verification. After verification, your site will be left for moderation. Generally it takes 5-10 minutes for the process. In the meanwhile you can add ad code to display native adverts. Publishers can customize ads according to their preferences.

Note: There might be delay in moderation process on weekends.


The earnings are purely based on the impressions. Publishers get paid on Net 7 (weekly) basis. The threshold payout is $20. The only payment option available is PayPal.

Referral program

Publishers can make 5% commission referring others to this native ad network.


  • Non-English sites can join this network.
  • Worldwide traffic get monetized
  • Competitive rates
  • Native ads work with other ad networks like Adsense, Adtomatik or Propeller ads
  • Timely payments
  • Real-time reporting system
  • Rejected sites can reapply again after fixing issues.
  • Referral program


  • Publishers can’t filter the inappropriate ads directly. Every time they have to contact support team.
  • Sometimes ads seem irrelevant to the content.

Final Conclusion :

Publishers get benefited by using Adnow with other ad networks. Hope this Adnow review help publishers to get started.

Join this native advertising network and start making money

13 thoughts on “Adnow review : Native advertising network

  1. They will delete your account as soon as it will come the day to make payment, of course you will first chat with support that will say that their data cant be in mistake but then if you have analytics data they will delete and you will not have chance to deal with them. SCAM

  2. Hi ,

    The adnow advertisement network is good in terms of payment and support, I will strongly recommend them.

  3. Guys please don’t signup with Adnow it is really a scam fake website they written off my 145 dollars and it was really my hard earned money they simply deleted my account. I sent them traffic for more than 3 months for free and at the time of payment the deleted my sites and written off my money.

  4. Adnow is a scam.
    They contacted me to have their ads in my website. After a long negotiation, I agreed to put their ads in some of my blogs instead of my main website. I wanted to test them.
    Today they were supposed to pay me, but instead they blocked my account and claimed that the clicks were not valid !!
    It’s good that it was just for testing and the amount of money was not so much considerable.
    My advice: Stay Away from Adnow.

  5. absolute shit botnet traffic from these people, they dont pay publishers and the traffic is absolute junk. its not really targetted its not even in english and they sll popups and botnet traffic as real clicks

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