Adsonpop review : cpm advertising network

AdsonPop review

AdsonPop is a reputable pop-up and pop-under advertising network located in US. The revenue model of this pop-up ad network is CPM. Publishers can earn more revenue with pop-ups and pop-unders than mainstream display banners. The eCPM rates vary from site to site as it depends on location of visitors. However publishers won’t get disappointed with this network. The rates may range from $0.50 to $4. The highest rate is for US traffic.

AdsonPop is a strong competitor of Popads advertising network. Generally this advertising network accepts all websites. It’s a misconception if someone says that Adsonpop review sites seriously before approval. Publishers get results via E-mail within 24 hours.



This pop-up ad network pays its publishers on Net 30 basis. The minimum payout is $50. The payment option is PayPal.

Best Features of AdsonPop pop-up advertising network

  • 100% fill rate
  • Accepts all publishers
  • The eCPM rates are very competitive.
  • Fast payment
  • Timely payments

Cons of AdsonPop pop-up advertising network

  • It’s difficult for small bloggers and publishers to reach threshold payout within specified time.
  • Revenue wise pop-under and pop-up ads are good but it may harm your genuine traffic. Potential visitors may find pop-up and pop-under ads annoying.
  • Real-time stats take 48 hours to update.
  • This pop-up ad network doesn’t offer referral program for its publishers.
  • The rates are low for non-US traffic.


  • Publishers must not try to alter the HTML code at any cost.
  • Publishers must not use any software or bots to generate fake impressions.

Note : You may lose your account along with earnings if found guilty.

Final Conclusion :

AdsonPop is a great source for publishers to monetize web content. Sites or blogs having tons of US and European traffic can make huge income with pop-up advertising. Hope this AdsonPop review help publishers to get started.

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