Making money on the Markets

With 2016 being on the whole a largely underwhelming year so far for money-making, it’s about time we look at the market news and the one area that is always rife with opportunity for making big wins – Trading.

With volatility in almost every market from Commodities to Currencies and a whole heap of upsets in the Sports world, there are a ton of options to exploit and make a quick buck on. But rather than just rattle them off, we thought we’d give you a couple of brief overviews of each market and where you can make a bundle.

  1. i) Oil:- While the public benefitted from the Oil price crash last year with cheaper petrol and household bills on offer, 2016 has seen it jump back from its’ $26 a barrel low to nearly $42 and it is currently marginally under $40. With big risk meetings coming up there could be a flurry of activity on the trading front with chances for big rewards for those smart enough to wait for the right moment.
  2. ii)Gold:- Having hit highs of $1280 earlier this month, it is currently languishing around  $1214 as the FED have warned of impending rate rises as early as next month. While temporary wins from the Brussels backlash and reduction of 4 to 2 rate rises this year helped the price, they did little to soften the overall retreat and this is likely to subdue the price even more as next months’ rate rise helps the Dollar gain ground.

iii)      Currencies:- Rather than spread your risk around multiple currencies, the announcement of a probable new rate rise next month means the Dollar should be on the rise but will see huge unsettlement in the first few days. This will yield huge wins against other leading currencies including the GBP and EUR so a few intra-day cheeky trades could mean a decent profit margin. Just be sure to cash out before the inevitable bounce back as the markets settle.

  1. iv)Cryptocurrency:- While many may have ignored the rise of Bitcoin and its’ subsidiaries, its’ $425 price guide is likely to keep attracting investors. The impending currency fluctuations will no doubt lead to a renewed interest in the cryptocurrency so be prepared for some sharp increases and then declines as the market steadies its’ interest. This is a great time for astute investors to make their money so keep an eye on the intraday prices

While there are plenty of other opportunities to make money to look at, check out these top tips from now and stay tuned to our site for many more to come.

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