Is Your Business Embracing The Power Of Mobile Marketing

All around the world, at any point in time, there are millions of people walking around with a smartphone in their hands. It’s an incredible time to be in marketing. These tiny, handheld devices could be giving you direct access to your past, present, and maybe even future customers. The big question is: how do you use this phenomenon to drive your online business? Read on to find out some of the ways you can use mobile for your online business marketing.

Mobile Marketing


Mobile Worthy

Your first step? Make sure your website is optimised for mobile. It’s pretty much standard these days, and Google will even boost your rankings if you are mobile ready. Over half of all searches are done via a smartphone or tablet, so it makes sound business sense. You don’t want half of your customers struggling to see your desktop site on a small device, or they will just give up and go elsewhere.

Text Advertising

While you should always be careful with text message advertising, it’s still one of the best ways to get attention on your business. You might think it is going out of fashion – and to an extent, it is. But, if you are clever, there are some ways to make text ads work for your business. Let’s say you are in the retail business and have a special offer going in the store. You could use text message ads alongside geolocation and local search technology, for example. Then, whenever people are within 250 yards of your store, you send them a text. As you can guess, this can turn a good sales day into a great one.

Build An App

The mobile app market is growing every year, and it’s a big pull for marketers and advertisers. Why? Because consumers will use a good app all the time – and it gives you the perfect platform to spread your message. Mobile application development can be a complicated process. But, if you find a good developer that can transform your ideas – or give you some – then there’s every chance you will enjoy success.

Focus On Your Customer

The main principle of mobile marketing is all about your customer, not the technology or systems that you use. Getting access to those customers is vital, of course. But how you interact with them while they are using their phones or tablets is the critical issue. There are a few things you should be thinking about. First of all, make sure you are analysing your data to find out as much about them as possible. Second, make sure you analyse the data they send you by using your website or app. Once you can see what they like – and what they don’t – you can start to make improvements. Once you have a customer, the aim is not to lose them.

Clean up your social media

Another way to access mobile customers is to improve your social media output. The vast majority of people access their social channels from a mobile device. They are built for it and are a ready-made platform for you to use. In fact, there is a case for saying if you have great social media channels, you don’t need anything else.

Anything to add to our mobile marketing primer? Let us know in the comments.

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