How To Market Your Outdoor Brand On Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, with more than 500 million users. Many people use it as a social media service to keep up to date with celebrities, update their own profile and share photos and videos with friends and family. The advantage of Instagram is that creating an account is free meaning businesses can utilize this to attract a big audience for their brand or company.

By having social media accounts for an outdoor brand or business, you can create a better relationship with customers. This will allow them to search and interact with the company and browse the products and services you are providing and advertising. Marketing on Instagram is a must for any successful business in the current climate of social media. The more people you engage and interact with on Instagram, the bigger audience you will reach for everything you post.

Products :

If you’re trying to promote and market your outdoor brand on Instagram, it is important that you showcase your products or services. This will allow users to become potential customers. E-commerce is very popular with many people shopping online rather than in store. If you’re able to promote a great range of your outdoor products on Instagram, this could attract potential new customers.

Shopping Feature :

There is a recently new feature on Instagram which allows businesses to tag their photos with links to store websites. You can weave products into posts giving users a chance to click straight through to your store when they see a post of a product they are interested in. This helps reach a bigger audience, giving them quick access to the product information and price.  This is so helpful to get organic Instagram growth and it is also becoming one of the best tools on Instagram for businesses of all sizes. Many users enjoy scrolling through hundreds of photos a day. If one of your product photos catches their eye, they will be able to view the product in more detail and potentially buy it within minutes, if you add this feature to your posts.

Hashtags :

Hashtags are tagged to photos on Instagram and are used as a way of categorizing your photo. Other users can search for a hashtag and browse all of the photos that are tagged with that hashtag. By adding hashtags to your Instagram photos you will benefit from a potentially bigger audience. Hashtags can be any word or words and often relevant to the photo you are posting, to help attract more customers. For example #outdoor #outdoors#hiking #biking. Or something more specific like your brand name.

Hashtags are incredible tools for promoting and creating engagement with customers. As well as promoting your products and services on Instagram, hashtags allow customers and users to share their photos too. For example, customers can tag photos of their products they may have bought from your outdoor brand. By using your company or brand name as a hashtag, customers can directly search for you and browse posts from the company Instagram profile as well as customers. This is great advertising and the perfect way to build the number of customers, for free!

Great Photography :

Instagram is all about great images,so invest in it. Either learn yourself or hire a professional to create a set of 100 or so images for you that you can schedule to post. If you have the time to learn and do it yourself, it’s not as hard as you think. Most smartphones today take excellent pictures in all sorts of lighting conditions. Just plan which products you want to photograph and find some stunning locations to shoot them in. Using a website like Visorando might help hereto find spots that will show off your outdoor gear out in the field so to speak.

Partner with influencers :

Another way to reach a wider audience is to reach out to influencers. Influencers already have a large following and if you choose people that are similar to your target audience then you will benefit from their audience who will have a similar interest. Partnering with an influencer will help advertise your brand to a large audience and become visible to users that may not have been accessible beforehand. 


If you have built an audience on Instagram and they are actively posting photos and reviews of your products, your outdoor brand account should ‘regram’ these. This shows that your company is looking and interacting with customers and promotes a good relationship between the two. Interacting with customers is one of the ways you can create engaging content without being too pushy or focused on the company alone because without customers a brand or company wouldn’t succeed.

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