Adcash Review 2023: A Leading Publisher Platform

Adcash has a combined 14 years of experience in placing high-quality ads to monetize websites worldwide. The network has cutting-edge algorithms ensuring the best ads find their way to the right sites.

We’ll be focusing on the Publisher component for this review, but the company also has a leading advertising platform with a worldwide reach as an added advantage. Their cutting-edge platform helps advertisers, media buyers, and affiliates boost their on-site revenue and clickthrough rates with complete optimization protocols and leading features.

Founded in 2007, the Adcash Publisher platform provides the best monetization for a host of different sites across the broadest range of verticals and niches.

As of 2021, the Adcash platform climbed to the below global stats.

  • 300+ Billion ad requests per month.
  • 6+ Billion ad impressions per month.
  • 200+ million unique users per day.
  • 250,000+ conversions per day.
  • 10k+ active customers (publishers & advertisers).
  • 10k+ active campaigns.
  • An active footprint in 195 different countries.

What are the requirements for joining Adcash as a Publisher?

Registering a Publisher account with Adcash can be done quickly, and a complete list of coinciding terms and conditions can be found here.

To register your new Adcash account, simply follow the activation steps below.

  • Head over to the Adcash homepage.
  • Select the “Register” button in the top right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Fill in your email, account password, and check the agreement box.
  • Select the currency you would like to use. Please note, this cannot be changed to later.
  • Select your account type. Choose between “Advertiser” or “Publisher
  • Select the confirmation button and check your email for an activation link.

Please note that once you’ve entered your details and registered your account, there will be a short in-house verification process, and once everything is cleared, you’ll be able to start creating campaigns using the Adcash platform. Publishers will need to submit their site for verification to ensure their online content meets the Adcash guidelines when signing up.

What are Adcash’s top ad formats?

Adcash currently offers five leading ad formats for Publishers to host onsite.

In-Page Push

These alert-like ads are meant to mimic the traditional push notification in their design. They are well-targeted, engaging, and less intrusive to the overall end-user experience.


Pop-under ads offer strong potential for advertisers to increase awareness and publishers to maximize their earnings. The ads seamlessly integrate into the site’s UX flow by appearing behind the end-user’s browser window.

Interstitial Ads

Interstitials appear while a website or page is loading. The time between browsing is used to reach the end-user with an engaging ad experience. The ad also has a hard-coded 5-second countdown window, meaning a delay in exit time.


Native ads blend in with a site’s content to generate high engagement and conversion rates.

They’re non-intrusive and provide publishers with an easy way to boost their ad revenue without disrupting the user’s on-site experience.


Banner Ads are versatile and deliver high engagement for both advertisers and publishers. They are sub-divided into skyscrapers, rectangles, and leaderboard categories. They are placed at strategic points onsite to generate maximum awareness.

Publisher Autotag Feature

Adcash autotag


While there is the option to manage ad formats manually, the new Autotag Feature cuts placement time in half, letting Publishers integrate 3 top-performing ads in 1, directly to their website. This feature simplifies integration time and uses the best-performing ads to increase monetization and site impact (Pop-Under, Interstitial, and In-Page Push).

This Autotag feature is designed to…

  • Integrate ads onto any website and all content types.
  • Maximize UX by showing only the most relevant/engaging ads.
  • Increase onsite revenue with machine learning.

How Will You Get Paid as a Publisher?

Please note: The Adcash Publisher platform does not charge any fees when processing a Publishers’ transactions. However, each payment provider may have its own service fees.

*Payment Methods include Bank Wire Transfer, PayPal, Payoneer, Webmoney, and Bitcoin.

*All payments stand to clear 30 days after the initial payout request has been made (Net-30).

*Publishers will need to have at least 25 USD/EUR in their account for a payout to be made.

What Are Adcash’s Top Publisher Features?

Multiple Ad Formats

They allow a range of high-quality, applicable ads to be delivered to new and existing site traffic.

High Fill Rates

Which allows Publishers to securely and effectively monetize far more ad impressions.

Live Statistics

Where Publishers can track their earnings in real-time via the platform and its reporting API.

Fast Payments

The ability for Publishers to get paid quickly from a variety of different payment options.

How Can You Reach the Support Team?

Adcash is based in Tallinn, Estonia (Kentmanni 4, 10116 Tallinn), with an office in Sofia, Bulgaria (103 Aleksandar Stamboliyski Blvd. 1303).

They have a dedicated customer support team available to address inquiries throughout the week. You can also request to speak with a dedicated account manager who will be able to assist with core tracking, optimization, and placement tips for both the Publisher and Advertiser platforms.

Support queries: [email protected]

Marketing/publicity queries: [email protected]

Additionally, the platform has a live chat feature with a quick response time, or alternatively, you can consult the end-to-end platform support page.

Adcash Publisher Platform. The Final Conclusion:

The Adcash Publisher platform is a strong contender for generating revenue and monetizing your onsite traffic. A solid option for new and seasoned bloggers/website owners alike, the Adcash Publisher platform is simple to set up and comes with a host of top optimization and integration features, not least the 3-in-1 Autotag Feature. Sign up for the Adcash Publisher platform today.

Publishers can now get a lifetime bonus with Adcash!

If you’ve been using the Adcash Publisher platform for a while and are seeing good results, you can recommend other publishers to the site and they’ll guarantee a 5% lifetime bonus for every new lead brought in.

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