Socialoomph Affiliate Program Review : Earn Recurring Commissions

Socialoomph makes your social media work easier by using productivity tools. This service is used to schedule posts, check social media stats, followers and many more. The users can manage all the social activities in one place. This Canadian based company operated with the name TweetLater earlier. Apart from services Socialoomph is also encouraging affiliates all over the world. The affiliates can earn income by referring customers to this company.

How To Get Started As A Socialoomph Affiliate?

Like any other affiliate program you get all the promotional materials to promote Socialoomph service. The webmasters or bloggers have to paste the code in your website/blog. You don’t need to have technical knowledge for doing it. But it is not mandatory for affiliates to have a website or blog. There are other places like social networks, mails and newsletters. When a user clicks on your link and buys professional service you get commission. The rate of commission is 40% per sale.

Generally Socialoomph is offering 2 types of services : Free and Professional. The free service is limited to 1 week. So, the affiliate has to think in an innovative way in bringing users to Socialoomph. The best way is to ask them to try free plan. If the users get satisfied with free plan they will go for professional plan for sure. Even if you don’t lay emphasise on free plan, Socialoomph would do on your behalf.

What Are The Benefits You Get As A Socialoomph Affiliate?

The affiliates can refer unlimited number of people. The recurring commission is 40% and you earn it until your referral stops renewing subscription. But, the best part is if your referral comes again after long time, you start receiving commissions. Other than getting commissions from referral’s subscriptions you can also earn Tier 2 income. Here Tier 2 income refers to the commissions earned on your referral’s income. The rate of Tier 2 commission is 5%.

Socialoomph Affiliate Payment Info

The affiliates get paid on monthly basis. The minimum payout is $30. The only option available for payout is PayPal.

Best Features Of Socialoomph Affiliate Program

  • Best tracking system : The affiliates could track clicks, performance, referrals and commissions using real-time tracking system.
  • Fast and easy payments
  • High recurring commission and referral bonus
  • Support via ticket

Final Conclusion

Socialoomph affiliate program is a reliable source for webmasters and freelancers to earn attractive commissions. The affiliates who had worked or working with this program can share their experiences below. If you have anything to share then please do contact us. Hope this Socialoomph affiliate program review help affiliates to get started.

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