Berush Affiliate Program Review (2023): Promote SEMrush

We are going to talk about the SEMrush (Berush) affiliate program in this post.

The SEMrush’s Berush affiliate program lets webmasters and freelancers make decent money.

We would like to say a few words about SEMrush and Berush.

Are you a blogger or a digital marketer? Then you may know about the SEMrush.

SEMrush is one of the widely used SEO tools used by site owners, bloggers and SEO professionals.

SEMrush is a leading competitor backlinks and keyword research tool.

Being in this industry for more than 10 years, SEMrush has come up with an idea to encourage affiliates.

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What is Berush Affiliate Program and How to Get Started?

SEMrush had a separate website dedicated only to affiliates.

The affiliates need to register on to get the earnings report and promotion materials.

SEMrush offers 3 types of subscriptions: Pro, Guru and Business.

The users can either opt for monthly or yearly subscriptions.

When a user buys a monthly/yearly subscription you get recurring commission for it.

Apart from its affiliates can also earn from API units.

What Are the Requirements to Join and Use Berush Affiliate Program:

  1. Being a SEMrush affiliate, you must not create multiple accounts.
  2. The affiliates must not buy SEMrush plans on their own and ask for referral commissions. Berush won’t pay a single penny in this case.
  3. The websites must not contain gambling, adult and coupon materials.

Note: The affiliates must not indulge in illegal practices to cheat SEMrush / Berush.

You may lose your affiliate account if found guilty.

How Can Berush Affiliates Promote SEMrush Subscription Plans?

SEMrush offers 2 types of promotional tools: 1. Banner 2. Widget.

Again, the affiliate has a facility to choose the desired size of banner.

You have almost all standard sizes of banners.

Being an affiliate, you can use promotional banner or widget on your blog/website/newsletter/social profile to promote SEMrush plans.

What Are the Benefits You Will Be Getting as A Berush/SEMrush Affiliate?

If you look at the commission structure of SEMrush affiliates, it is lucrative.

You can earn recurring 40% commission monthly until your referral stops subscribing. Isn’t it cool?

How many of SEMrush’s contemporaries are paying 40% recurring monthly for lifetime? My answer is no one.

If you know someone then please do write in the comment section below.

Note: The affiliate gets 40% commission only from the newly registered referrals.

What Are the SEMrush Affiliate Commission Rates?

According to SEMrush (Berush):

  • When your referral registers an account on through your affiliate link, you get $0.01.
  • If the referral activates a Semrush trial, you get $10.
  • When the referral purchases any paid Semrush subscription (either monthly or annual), you get $200!

How Do Berush Affiliates Get Paid?

Generally, SEMrush affiliates will get paid on a bimonthly basis.

The payment options are PayPal and Wire transfer.

The threshold payout is $50 when paid via PayPal.

For a Wire transfer it is $1000.

What Are the Related Affiliate Programs?

Best Features of Berush Affiliate Program:

  • Easy to get started: It takes 5 minutes for signup process.
  • You don’t need to have a website or blog to promote SEMrush subscriptions. The affiliates can use social networks, newsletters and mails to share promotional links.
  • You can promote on unlimited websites under your single account.
  • Referral commissions
  • The affiliates can track their stats and revenue using a real-time reporting system.
  • Timely payments
  • Fast and friendly customer service

Berush Contact Info:

If you have anything to ask about SEMRush affiliate program, then reach the Berush support team at [email protected]

Final Conclusion:

Berush is one of the best recurring affiliate programs. One must join Berush affiliate program or SEMRush affiliate program to earn a decent income. The affiliates who had worked or working with this company can leave your feedback below. We hope this Berush affiliate program review helps affiliates to get started.

Join SEMRush Affiliate Program And Start Earning Commissions!!

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