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  1. Cameron Fulcher says:


    Our company signed up as an affiliate with Effect Mobi back in November. We sent some traffic from our primary traffic source (Google AdWords paid traffic) and in January started inquiring about our first payment, as we still had not been paid, despite having provided our bank info when we signed up.

    Eventually we got a response back from DorisYi (Skype ID: yiyunewbar), who appeared to be the ONLY affiliate manager at the network. She kindly informed us that we were a few sales shy of their payment threshhold but told us that we would be put on weekly, so that whenever we sent enough sales to hit the threshold we would get a payment immediately.

    So we sent some more sales, again paying for the traffic to Effect Mobi, and hit the threshhold. Again, we asked about the payment and were told it would be going out the following Monday. Good news – or so we thought. Monday came and went, and no payment / no communication. When we followed up later that week, we were told that our conversion rate was “too high” and that DorisYi would need to look into the traffic before releasing any payment. Keep in mind that the vast majority of this traffic was from November (2 months earlier…). If there was a problem with the traffic, they would have known about it well before January.

    But we took them at their word, and was assured by DorisYi that “we never refuse to pay an affiliate”. I pressed him / her (because who knows???) for a firm date and was promptly ignored. My follow up Skype messages and emails were also — ignored. It is now mid February and Effect Mobi has basically ghosted us and we have yet to receive any further communication from them.

    These guys represent everything that is wrong with affiliate networks today: fly by night SCAMMERS who cannot be trusted at their word, and who are incapable of making good on even the smallest amount of conversion payouts.

    If you are an affiliate who likes to see the conversion reports in Cake turn into real deposits in your bank account, you will HATE Effect Mobi. And if you do decide to join Effect Mobi, prepare to eat a mouthful of moist sh*t when it comes time to get paid.

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