Daraz Affiliate Program (2023): Comprehensive Review

We are going to talk about the Daraz affiliate program in this post.

Before going into the affiliate review, you should know about the Daraz first.

Let us get started.

What Is Daraz?

Daraz is one of the leading South Asia’s E-Commerce marketplaces.

It started its journey way back in 2012 as a small online fashion retailer.

Daraz was launched firstly in Pakistan.

Slowly they started expanding their operations in other countries like Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

The Alibaba group acquired Daraz in 2018.

Now, their business is a big hit in South Asia.

According to Daraz;

“Daraz is the leading e-commerce marketplace across South Asia (excluding India). Our business covers four key areas – e-commerce, logistics, payment infrastructure and financial services – providing our sellers and customers with an end-to-end commerce solution.

With access to over 500 million customers in our markets, we strive to deliver on our promise of enabling easy access to a wide assortment of products while bringing users on an interactive and personalized journey.

We are driven by our commitment to uplift local communities through the power of commerce. We invest in the development and education of our salespeople, employees and communities, with the goal of empowering them to grow and succeed.

Together with our digitalized logistics business, we employ more than 10,000 people, helping to bring economic opportunities to communities in South Asia. As we work towards our vision of becoming a champion of South Asia, we will continue to look for new ways to improve our offerings and connect with our people and communities.”

 Is Daraz safe or legit?

This will be another topic and we do not want to go into the details.

We cannot conclude whether Daraz is good or bad.

What we are concerned about is their affiliate program.

You can do your own research by visiting their social channels.

If you really want to know about their services, then visit this link https://www.trustpilot.com/review/daraz.pk.

What Is Daraz Affiliate Program?

Daraz is welcoming affiliate partners to earn money while recommending their products.

At the time of writing this content, the Daraz affiliate program is available for 3 regions namely Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal.

So, we are going to discuss each one of these affiliate programs separately.

1. Daraz Affiliate Program Pakistan:

Daraz pk affiliate

Are you a website owner/ Blogger/ YouTuber / Social media influencer?

You might be anyone among these four categories.

All you need to be a good content creator.

The more quality traffic you drive to your website/ Social page / Channel, the more chances to recommend Daraz products to them.

The best thing is that every Daraz product recommendation you make will fetch your smart commission.

Daraz do not impose any limits on recommendations and sales.

The sky is the only limit to earn commissions from Daraz affiliate program in Pakistan.

You can recommend Daraz products to your friends, family, readers, subscribers and audience.

To become an affiliate, visit daraz.pk affiliate sign up page.

Once you get accepted, you can straightaway start promoting Daraz products.

Daraz.pk Affiliate Payment Information:

Daraz.pk affiliates would receive commissions in Pakistan Rupees (PKR).

The Daraz affiliate program in Pakistan strictly set the minimum payout of $25.

The Daraz.pk affiliate payments are made on a monthly basis.

2. Daraz Affiliate Program Bangladesh:

Daraz Bangladesh affiliate

Daraz is the biggest eCommerce shop in Bangladesh.

The Daraz in Bangladesh is inviting everyone to join their affiliate program.

This Daraz bd affiliate program is ideal for entrepreneurs, content creators, bloggers and influencers.

To become an affiliate, visit Daraz affiliate Bangladesh sign up page.

Once your account gets approved, login into your affiliate dashboard and find promotional tools.

Daraz.com.bd Affiliate Payment Information:

The affiliates from Bangladesh can earn 12% commission on every sale.

Daraz.com.bd affiliates would receive commissions in the Bangladeshi Taka (BDT).

The Daraz affiliates in Bangladesh should reach at least BDT 2500 (Taka Twenty- Five Hundred) for withdrawing funds.

The Daraz.com.bd affiliate payments are made on the monthly basis.

3. Daraz Affiliate Program Nepal:

Daraz nepal affiliate

Daraz affiliate program Nepal is inviting bloggers, freelancers and influencers to earn smart commissions.

The websites must be content centric and should attract a decent audience.

If you are a social influencer, then your page or profile should have at least 10,000 followers.

Apart from these requirements, the Daraz Nepal affiliate should submit VAT/PAN invoice.

The Daraz Nepal affiliate can earn up to $10 on each sale.

However, the Daraz Nepal affiliates have to bear the taxes imposed by Government.

To become an affiliate, visit Daraz affiliate program Nepal sign up page.

Daraz.com.np Affiliate Payment Information:

Daraz.com.np affiliates would receive commissions in Nepalese Rupees (NPR).

The Daraz affiliates in Nepal should reach at least NPR 1,500 (One Thousand Five Hundred Nepalese Rupees) for withdrawing funds.

The Daraz.com.np affiliate payments are made on a monthly basis.

How Can Affiliates Promote the Daraz?

The affiliates can promote Daraz in many methods. However, we are focusing on important promotional methods.

  • Are you a social media influencer with at least 10,000 followers?

Promote a wide range of Daraz products on your social channels.

  • Are you a blogger?

Write and publish review articles about the Darazs products in your blog.

YouTube is a great platform to showcase products and services.

Make videos about the different Daraz products and leave your affiliate links in the descriptions.

  • Do you have a subscribers list?

If yes, then let them know about the Daraz products through the newsletters.

What Are the Alternatives to Daraz Affiliate Program?

What Are the Pros?

  • The Daraz’s parent company, Alibaba, is a leader in the eCommerce segment.
  • You can make money by promoting products from Fashion and Accessories, Games & Toys, Home & Garden, Sports & Fitness and Electronics categories.
  • The commissions are pretty competitive.

What Is the Final Conclusion?

Undoubtedly, the Daraz has strong roots in South Asia backed by Alibaba.

One from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal should look into the Daraz affiliate program to make decent income out of it.

At the time of writing this piece of content, the Daraz has not started their affiliate program in Sri Lanka.

Your websites, blogs and social media channels must add value to the readers and subscribers.

Have you worked with the Daraz as an affiliate?

We would love to hear about your working experiences with the Daraz.

Hope this Daraz affiliate program review helps people while getting started.

Join the Daraz affiliate program Nepal!

Join the Daraz affiliate program Pakistan!

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