Newchic Affiliate Program: Promote And Earn Cash

We are going to talk about the Newchic affiliate program in this post.

Earlier we reviewed Zaful affiliate program and Boohooman affiliate program that falls in the fashion affiliate program category.

Even Newchic affiliate program comes under the same category.

Before going into the affiliate review details, you should know about the Newchic.

What Is Newchic?


According to New Chic;

Newchic is a B2C online fashion shopping destination. Found in 2014, in past years, Newchic has achieved rapid development on a global scale, ranking among the top online shopping websites, we offer a wide range of clothing, shoes, bags, accessories to help you-our customers pursuit your styles. And we have won recognition and trust from customers in Europe, America, Middle East, Southeast Asia.

What Is Newchic Affiliate Program?

The Newchic affiliate program invites people to earn money from selling products.

The revenue or commission model of affiliate program is Cost per sale (CPS).

You do not need to have a website to join this affiliate program.

To become a Newchic affiliate, go to this page

You don’t need to wait for their approval. Once you apply for the affiliate program, you will get the immediate access.

How Does The Newchic Affiliate Program Work?

Newchic claims that there are 3 roles namely brand, affiliates and shoppers.

The brand offers all the products, deals, coupons and tracking system.

The affiliates will promote the products and earn commissions. All the sales will get tracked automatically.

The shoppers will receive best deals and discounts on Newchic products.

When a shopper clicks on your affiliate link and purchases within 60 days, you will get commission.

What Are The Terms And Conditions One Should Follow As Newchic Affiliate?

  • You must not bid on the branded keywords related to Newchic term.
  • One should not use brand trademark without prior permission.
  • The affiliates must not use pop-up, pop-under and click-under for generating traffic.
  • You should not try to drive low quality traffic to your websites.
  • Your website should not host any objectionable or illegitimate content.

How can Affiliates Promote The Newchic?

There are many ways to promote the Newchic. We have come up with some methods:

  • Are you a social media influencer?

If your answer is yes, then you can promote Newchic on your social channels like page and group.

  • Are you a blogger?

Write and publish reviews about different Newchic products in your blog or website.

  • Are you a YouTuber?

Make review videos about the Newchic products and leave your affiliate links in the descriptions.

  • Do you have a list of subscribers?

Send newsletters about the Newchic products to your subscribers list.

  • Miscellaneous

You can also promote Newchic products via WhatsApp and Messenger.

What Are The Newchic Affiliate Commission Rates?

How much can Newchic affiliates make?

The commission rates purely depend on the products.

The new affiliates can earn the  commission rate of 18% in the first month.

However, you can earn up to 50% commission per sale.

The commission will get credited after 45 days from the order confirmation date.

The more products you recommend, the more commissions you can earn.

How And When Will You Get Paid?

The payment options are PayPal and Wire transfer.

The minimum payout is $20 when the option is PayPal.

For the Wire transfer option, you must reach at least $300.

How Can You Reach The Newchic Support Team?

If you have query or doubt regarding the affiliate program, then you can reach the support team via Skype/Email: [email protected].

What Is The Final Conclusion?

The Newchic affiliate program can be used to boost your online income.

Have you worked with Newchic as an affiliate?

We would love to hear your working experiences.

Hope this Newchic affiliate program review help people while getting started.

Join Newchic affiliate program and start generating commissions!

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