Link Whisper Affiliate Program: Join And Earn Decent Cash

Today’s topic is Link Whisper affiliate program.

Before going into the details, we would like to ask few questions.

  1. Are you a blogger?
  2. Do you know how much important is internal links?

The internal linking is a part of SEO and it would certainly make some difference in your rankings.

If you are having a WordPress blog with less or more posts, then Link Whisper free WordPress plugin would suggest the relevant internal links.

You can get the suggestions while writing the article.

What you have to do is copy the internal link suggestion and paste it in the place where Link Whisper had suggested.


Link Whisper suggestions

There are many advanced features in Link Whisper premium version. Here comes the list:

  1. Automatic link suggestions
  2. Auto linking
  3. Automatic links from keywords of our choice.
  4. Internal links reporting
  5. Fix broken links
  6. Adding your target keywords for optimization.
  7. Traffic data from Google search console
  8. If you use Link Whisper in your multiple sites, then you can connect to show suggestions between them.
  9. Even if any user removed the Link Whisper, the existing links will stay permanently.

and many more.

What Is Link Whisper Affiliate Program?

Being a Link Whisper affiliate, you will get commission for recommending their premium plugin.

Visit to join the affiliate program.

You will get accepted instantly.

How Can Affiliates Promote The Link Whisper?

  • Are you a blogger? If yes, then write an article about Link Whisper and share your affiliate link.
  • Do you have a YouTube channel? If yes, then make a video about the Link Whisper. Leave your affiliate link in the description.
  • You can share the affiliate link on your websites and social media.
  • Do you have a list of subscribers? If yes, then let them know about the Link Whisper through newsletters.
  • Join the WordPress forums, participate in useful discussions and tell about the Link Whisper. Share your affiliate link with the participants.

How Much Can Link Whisper Affiliates Make?

The affiliates can earn recurring commissions for referring customers.

You can earn 30% commission for every referral.

The more customers you bring to Link Whisper, the more profit you can make.

When And How Will You Get Paid?

You can receive commissions on the monthly basis.

The payment option is PayPal.

What Are The Best Features Of The Link Whisper Affiliate Program?

  • The affiliates can earn recurring income.
  • You can track your clicks, referrals and revenue in the real time.
  • The Link Whisper is allowing deep linking.

What Is The Final Conclusion?

One can make decent recurring commissions from the Link Whisper affiliate program.

Have you worked with the Link Whisper as an affiliate?

We would really love to listen to your working experiences.

Hope this Link Whisper affiliate review help people while getting started.

Signup for the Link Whisper affiliate program!

Give a try to the Link Whisper!

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