Improvely Referral Rewards Program Review : Earn Recurring Income

Improvely is a popular tool used for tracking conversions and monitor click fraud. The marketers will find their conversions using data like organic traffic, search traffic, ad traffic, visits, conversion rate etc. They also track click fraud and sends alerts of suspicious activities. Improvely referral rewards program encourages affiliates to earn decent income. All you have to do is refer customers to Improvely and earn commissions. The cookie stays for 30 days and when your referral comes within that period, you’ll get commission.

Who Can Join Improvely Affiliate Program?

Anyone like a site owner, blogger, internet marketer, social media influencer or a vlogger can join Improvely referral rewards program. Improvely accepts affiliates across the world. This referral program is managed by Shareasale. If you have a Sharesale account then signup as an Improvely affiliate here. The signup and approval process takes you only 2 minutes.

How To Promote Improvely?

The improvely affiliates must take advantage of banners and text link for promotions. The affiliates can promote Improvely in the following ways :

  • Place Improvely banners on websites or blogs
  • Write a blog post about Improvely and use referral link in the article.
  • Make a YouTube video and leave your affiliate link in the description below.
  • Share your referral link on social profiles like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Send newsletter containing Improvely referral link to your subscribers.

Commission Structure

The affiliates will get 50% from the first payment of your referred customer. Later you will receive 10% recurring commission.

Payment Info For Improvely Affiliates

Improvely pay their affiliates on Net 30 basis. You’ll receive payment once you reach $50. The payment options are Check and wire transfer.

Final Conclusion

One must give a try to Improvely affiliate program for making decent income. The Improvely affiliates can share their experiences below. Hope this Improvely affiliate program review help people to get started.

Join This Affiliate Program And Start Making Money !

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