Kabbage Referral Program Review : Promote And Get Rewards

I am going to talk about the Kabbage referral program in this post. Have you ever heard about the Kabbage? They fund small businesses for growing up. Every startup needs funding in the beginning or expansion. For that, the Kabbage will look at the performance and fund them who are eligible. The advantage is you do not need to visit them. Everything is made online. Coming to the referral program, you can earn money for referring businesses. There is no limit for referring businesses. Refer as many businesses you like and get rewards. Let us see how it works :

How Can You Join The Kabbage Referral Program?

Go to the Kabbage referral program signup page, fill all the details and submit. You will receive the E-mail with all the login info. Once you login into the dashboard, you will have the promotional tools. You can start promoting the Kabbage.

How Can You Promote The Kabbage?

You can promote the Kabbage using the following methods :

  • Do you have a list of subscribers? Then mention Kabbage while sending newsletters. Remember that Kabbage doesn’t allow spamming. Identify the businesses that are interested in funding.
  • Do you have a YouTube channel? If yes, then create a video about the Kabbage. Please do not forget to leave the referral link in the description.
  • Are you a blogger? If yes, then write a blog post about the Kabbage and share with the businesses. You can also place banners or text link on your website.
  • You can create a webinar and invite small business owners to it. At the end give your referral link.

How Much Can You Earn?

You can earn $250 for every approved credit. The referral will also get $50 gift card within 45 days. You will receive the commission in your bank account.

What Is The Final Conclusion?

The Kabbage referral program is ideal for the influencers, preferably from US. Did you work as an affiliate? If yes, then please share your story. Hope this review help the people for getting started.

Give a try to the Kabbage referral program

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