Badboys Network Review : Push Notifications Monetization

Badboys Network is a push notifications based advertising network. You might have surprised after reading the first lines. We have seen different types of ad networks but this one is unique. Every blogger might have encountered push notification popups. Among these popups, subscribe option is most common. So, Badboys network will monetize the push subscriptions. The publishers can get revenue from every subscriber. Is it not cool? The best part of this network is that it is ideal for both desktop and mobile traffic. The revenue models of Badboys network are CPA, CPL (Cost Per Lead) and Revshare.

Who Can Join Badboys Network?

The bloggers, webmasters, social media influencers or vloggers can join Badboys network. The only requirement is traffic. Whether you own a website or subscribers list, you must have quality traffic. If you do not have a website or blog, you can still monetize using DirectLink.

How Badboys Network Work For You?

There will be no hassles while working with Badboys Network. Badboys network is offering two types of tools to monetize traffic : JavaScript and DirectLink. You either install ad code or buy pop-under traffic on landings and wait for the profit. DirectLink works for those people who have traffic but do not have websites. The main commission type is CPL. So, you will receive payout for every unique subscriber that subscribed via push notification. While coming to displaying push notifications, it works on all major desktop browsers. The same applies to mobile browsers.

Payment Info For Badboys Network Partners

You must reach at least $50 to receive payouts. The payment options are WebMoney, ePayments, Yandex, Qiwi and Bitcoin. The payment frequency changes with commission type. Please contact support team for the same.

What Are The Best Features Of Badboys Network?

  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Competitive payouts
  • This network perfectly works with all geos and traffic volumes.
  • Badboys Network is concerned about clean traffic. So, the system automatically filters the bot traffic.
  • You can track clicks, conversions and revenue in real-time.
  • All the conversions are instant and you will see the payout instantly.
  • Dedicated support

How To Contact Badboys Network Support Team?

If you have anything to ask Badboys Network support team, then contact them on :

E-Mail : [email protected]


Telegram Support: @badboys_network

Affiliate Chat:

Final Conclusion

One must join Badboys Network for earning decent income. The revenue purely depends on traffic, number of subscribers and geographical location. You can ask your affiliate manager about installation, and rates. If you had worked with Badboys Network, then please share your experiences below in the comment section. Hope you love this Badboys Network review.

Join Badboys Network And Start Monetizing !

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