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  1. Mediablam is a great network. It gives high rates. I recently joined this ad network and using on my website. Giving decent rates. Hope this network will make trust with the publishers.

  2. seems like a legit site,, but it only receive selfhosting blog

  3. After using mediablam for 20+ days. They say my traffic is fraud and suspended my site. Well my site is adsense approved and gets 95% organic traffic. They do not send my payment after reaching minimum payout. Now they do not respond my email. This network comes to be scam like adsoptimal ad network.

    1. Sorry to hear about your bad experience. Did you contact their support team?

  4. Yes, I have contacted many times through emails. Now they are not replying my email when I ask for payment. Initially, they contact to join their network on CPM basis. I have sent 2.5 Lakh + impressions within 20 days. 2 days After adding codes, they stop my impressions counting in the dashboard. Still, ads were visible on my blog. They said that optimisation process is going on for higher CPM. The impressions count and earning will be updated after optimisation. Then after 5 days, the impressions were started counting. But during 5 days impressions and earnings were not updated. Now they are not replying me.

  5. says:

    @Haroon, Hello, this statement is untrue. The two websites that you submitted to our network have never been banned and still show as accepted within your account.

    We asked to validate your traffic and traffic sources given that through our internal technology which monitors for obvious behaviours of ad fraud, picked up your site as potentially using bit traffic to inflate earnings.

    We questions you on this and provided you several opportunities to amend issues with your traffic.

    We would also like to point out that you did not reach the minimum required for withdrawal once we finalised earnings and removed invalid traffic (which all networks do) and since you your self have removed the ads, then its out of our hands to assist you any further.

    If anyone has issues with payment contact me directly on Skype: info (at)

  6. Media Blam is a complete scam. It’s really ran by one man posing as it’s operating as a big ad network but far from that. It’s a quick way for him to steal a lot of money as he did from me. None of what’s promise will payout, EVER!

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