WP Engine Affiliate Program Review : Refer And Earn

WP Engine is a leader in managed WordPress hosting. I doubt there would be a WordPress user who has not heard about WP Engine. Basically there are 4 hosting plans namely Startup, Growth, Scale and Custom. The plans are ideal for personal, business and enterprise use. Genesis Framework and 35+ StudioPress Themes comes as a bonus with every plan. Like any other hosting company, WP Engine has an affiliate program. The affiliates are earning tons of money with WP Engine affiliate program. You must be a member of Shareasale before becoming a WP Engine affiliate.

Who Can Join WP Engine Affiliate Program?

There are no specific restrictions to join WP Engine affiliate program. The best part is you do not need to be a technology expert. However, it is better if you know what WordPress is or how it works. Mostly WP Engine affiliates are bloggers, webmasters, affiliate marketers, WordPress developers and social media influencers.

How To Promote WP Engine?

The WP Engine affiliates can promote in following ways :

  • Write a blog post about WP Engine and embed referral link within the article.
  • Create a YouTube video about WP Engine and leave referral link in the description.
  • Place banners on website or blog to attract customers.
  • Share on your social profiles like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Participate in forum discussions related to WordPress hosting and share the referral link with others.
Announcement : The affiliates must not bid using keywords like WP Engine, WP Engine coupon or coupons. WP Engine does not allow coupon sites. If the affiliates indulge in these activities, WP Engine will mercilessly ban your account and finally you will lose earnings too.

What Is The Affiliate Commission Structure?

You can receive $200 per referral or 100% of the first monthly payment. WP Engine comparatively pays the higher revenue among them.

You will receive :

  • $1100 ($100+$10) for 5 monthly sales
  • $2350 ($2100+$250) for 10 monthly sales
  • $5975 ($5350+$625) for 25 monthly sales
  • $9975 ($8975+$1000) for 40 monthly sales
  • $15475 ($13975+$1500) for 60 monthly sales

The WP Engine affiliates will receive commissions monthly from Shareasale. You must reach at $50 to receive payouts. The payment options are Check, Direct deposit and Wire transfer.

What Are The Best Features Of WP Engine Affiliate Program?

  • Trusted brand : WP Engine is a big name in WordPress community. So, you do not need to take stress when it comes to promotions and convincing people.
  • 6 months cookie : If the referral clicks the affiliate click and returns within 180 days, you will receive commission.
  • Very high commissions : You can earn $$$ with a single click. The more customers you refer to WP Engine, the more revenue you can earn.
  • Referral commission : You can also earn extra income by referring affiliates. You can earn $50 as a sub affiliate commission.
  • The affiliates can take advantage of Co-branded landing pages and banners to grab customers.
  • Being a WP Engine affiliate, you can offer special discounts to your visitors. This strategy really helps in converting clicks to sales.
  • Refer at least 5 customers monthly and bonus will be added to your commission. The more customers you refer, the bonus will be added.
  • Dedicated support

Final Conclusion

One must join WP Engine affiliate program to earn decent income. If you had worked with WP Engine, then share your experiences below in the comment section. Hope you love this WP Engine affiliate program review.

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