Experts Opinion On Using Adjustable Standing Desk

What is a height adjustable desk?
This sit stand desk riser gives you the kind of freedom that is beneficial to your entire physical health. It allows you to quickly alter the height of your work surface. With it you can decide whether you want to work in standing or sitting position.

Why is an adjustable desk better than a fixed desk?

Working while sitting over a long period of time, especially where you don’t get a chance to move or stand at all can cause some physiological changes in your muscles and the lower body can get numb and sometimes painful. What actually happens is that the fat that is found in your bloodstream stops breaking up and it begins to accumulate in some specific organs of your body especially the brain, heart and liver. This means that you will end up becoming sleepy while you work while gaining weight at the same time.

As you can choose between your working positions with these standing desk converters, your body gets stress free and energetic for a longer period of time. It is ideal for health purposes as it comes with a number of ergonomic benefits since your body will not remain in an uncomfortable unnatural position throughout the day. Many users of a height adjustable desk will stand in the morning when they have the most energy. After a few hours, many like to switch to the sitting position and finish out their day that way. Some users prefer to change throughout the day. It is important to be able to switch between heights for maximum health and overall productivity. It is estimated that a person who uses such a desk can end up walking between 4 to 20 miles every day without even thinking about it. The good news is that walking for even 15 minutes a day goes a long way in the prevention of diabetes and heart diseases.

What are the benefits of using the stand-up desk?

Increase Circulation: Another great benefit of height adjustable desks is that your body’s blood circulation will be improved to a great extent. When sitting for an extended period of time, it is very easy for your limbs to begin to fall asleep due to the lack of circulation, especially in the extremities such as your legs or feet. When you use a standing desk, your blood flow to your legs and feet is restored as not only is your body in its natural position but you will be more likely to make small movements to keep it flowing.

Reduce the risk of health issues: More than 6 hours sitting has been linked to many major health problems including diabetes, elevated blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and others. That is why doctors suggest that you stand whenever possible and many even suggest using height adjustable workstations to allow you to easily stand while at work.

Creating a versatile office means providing employees with ample work options to complete any given task. Convert your workstation with Sit Stand Desk Riser in order to use an employee’s energy to the optimum level within the given time- frame.

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