How To Write A Term Paper Outline

Term paper writing may not require the writing skill of a Shakespeare but certainly needs an organized strategy to get a good score. A term paper is a research-based type of writing assignment that should be submitted at the end of the term. A topic is assigned such as an argument, a case study, event description, or a concept. In general, this is around 5k words, plagiarism-free, and unique.

What is the Term Paper outline?

This is an outline of the topic assigned that will lead you to write your term paper. Within the outline, you shall list out the main points of the term paper. This outline is generally asked by a tutor/professor before submitting the term paper. This will help you to understand and guide you for any improvements to a top-notch written paper.

A typical term paper outline has below sections:

  • Introduction or aim of the paper
  • Body
  • Headings – History, Extent, Effects
  • Potential solutions
  • Conclusion

How to write a term paper outline?

Writing a term paper outline needs proper guidance and material examples to refer to. There are several things that one needs to jot down and complete before knowing how to write a term paper outline. 

You will have to focus on the following:

Deciding on a topic-This is the most obvious and the most important step, to begin with. Picking a topic will lead you to make an efficient plan as doing so will shrink the unnecessary ideas and remove obstacles to make a clear path. Reading a bunch of sources and taking notes on various topics is extremely hard to think about, not to mention, it is overwhelming. Jot down your topic and it will shrink your research. 

Creating a target and reasoning it- This is an important step as the readers need to find a purpose. Even reporting a certain issue is considered an aim. Reference comparison is also a target to write a term paper outline. Your opinion on a certain field, experience, or outcome can also be considered a target and a reason to convince the readers.

Collection of reference sources-Writing down what you feel is important and can be used for your work in a notebook is proved efficient. This way, you shrink whatever you read from the material and use it in your work. Overdoing it is unnecessary.

We will proceed to learn how to write a term paper:

Rearrange the sources: If taking notes is one task then rearranging them is a whole new one especially if you are not used to organizing notes. Rearranging the notes helps you get your work done faster and in a more efficient way. Working in an organized way proved to make your work a lot easier. For instance, subjects like history or biographies need to be arranged according to the dates and years. Depending on the subject, various criteria are used for the arrangement.

Support and prepare to reason and take instances: If you think your idea or subject must be explained thoroughly to the reader, you must come up with reasons and arguments to support your base. Blandly informing data to the readers have no point. Taking instances is a great way if you are lacking more support. Imaginary or virtual examples are also an idea that can be used for your work.

Write as much as possible: More information and supporting points are welcomed when writing a term paper outline. However, overdoing is considered unnecessary and it is recommended to include detailed and non-related points in the space for notes. Too much information is prone to re-writing. Just look for some writing guides on the CopyCrafter blog, if you need some extra information.

Conclusion plan: This might not be necessary to focus as the content will probably be changed. Nonetheless, the conclusion is important.

An annotated term paper outline might be an outcome while trying to prepare a term paper outline which is almost the same except the fact that an annotated term paper outline exceeds one page (2 or 3). This might be the case if the author’s citation is required.


The importance of writing a term paper outline is that it turns to a source that is relied on. Although term paper writing does not need professional creative writing skills, there is a considerable amount of stuff to keep in mind when writing one. Creativity is welcomed even though it is not necessary.

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