The Main Nuances of Search Engine Optimization for Social Media Content

You may be surprised, but for a number of search queries, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest pages hang in the top ten of Google’s results. Therefore, SEO optimization of social network pages is necessary if you want more people to play blackjack online or order flowers because getting to the top is real. Let’s learn how to do it.

Social media content

But first, here are 3 reasons to start optimizing your social media content right now:

  • Social media conversions affect your site’s promotion in search engines. Rolled-up social media pages increase brand weight through feedback from the audience – likes, reposts, comments. Sites in Google’s top 3 have well-developed social media accounts.
  • This is an additional way to get into the index, to strengthen the marketing campaign. Viral posts do not always climb to the first positions in search, but also attract the attention of search robots.
  • It’s a demonstration of authority, recognizability. Backlinks from reputable social media blogs and organic traffic also increase your weight with search engines

How to Optimize Content in Social Networks

On this path, it’s up to you to optimize your account – make quality new content and work through old content: texts, images, profile header, comments.

Where to start: Analyze the needs of your audience, formulate the objectives your profile should fulfill – offering services / demonstrating expertise / entertainment, etc. Once you’ve decided, move on to action.

Make Content for People

Search algorithms have learned to track audience reaction to content – spamming with keywords doesn’t work anymore. You need interesting, useful information and visuals for your audience.

How to achieve this:

  • Separate personal and work accounts.
  • Remember the importance of fact-checking – always check facts, figures. Once caught spreading fake or inaccurate information, it’s hard to regain users’ trust.
  • Keep your account hygienic – mercilessly clean up posts by haters, trolls, spammers, delete flooding, flaming, insults, and other obscenities. This way you’ll create a positive, friendly atmosphere on the page. Moderate it regularly.

Keep Improving

Refine the content as needed – update the data, update the numbers, expand the photo gallery. By consistently tweaking your posts, especially those with few likes, you’ll learn by experience what “gets” your followers and what doesn’t, and you can use that to promote yourself.

Optimize Images

Processing pictures and photos in a photo editor isn’t even half the battle. To optimize, you need to:

  • Adjust the format and size of the picture to the requirements of the social network (it may be different on different platforms).
  • Rename the file before uploading by including keywords in the name with a dash in the alphabet.
  • Insert keywords in the alt description of images, so that search engine robots evaluate their relevance and content, and programs for the visually impaired can inform them what is shown.
  • Keys should also be in the header of the picture, if such is intended.
  • Put hashtags with search phrases (this will improve ranking in the social network itself and traffic figures).

Make Reposting as Easy as Possible – Make It Intriguing and Functional

To get reposted willingly and often, make sure that:

  • Your content is interesting – headlines hook, provoke, and pique interest.
  • Posts contain calls to action that are appropriate in tone and content for the age and interests of your audience.
  • Shares on social media buttons were prominent on the company’s website, usually attached in the footer or in the “About Us” box, and sometimes next to the most interesting pieces of content.

Set up Your Social Media Profiles

Here’s what to consider:

  • Corporate style, unity of design of the site and profiles in social networks.
  • Fill out the header of the profile with the type of activity, informative description and an active link to the site / other account.
  • The information about the company in social networks must be up-to-date and fully coincide with the data on the website.
  • The name of the profile, write down the key phrases, it will improve the indexing of the page.

As you can see, all of the above recommendations are easy to implement. If used in combination they will greatly increase your chances to be noticed by search engines, the likelihood to get an army of new grateful subscribers and clients and get into the top search engines.

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